I recently (like in the last day) decided to add a recipes section to my blog. I’ve tried many so times to compile an actual book of recipes I’ve tried from different places but it just wasn’t happening due to the fact that I’m lazy and not in to writing lots of words in to a physical book.  It hurts my hand and my carpal tunnel doesn’t like it.

I wish this was my big girl recipe book, but it's not.

I’ve only posted one recipe so far, but I’ll keep adding on as I have time.  I’ll also include pictures as long as I remember to take them when I cook and as long as my photog skills aren’t too disappointing that day.  Just click the “goodforyoufood” link to the top right.

Feel free to try them (or don’t – whichever) and let me know how they came out!  Also, if you have any good recipes, send them to me so that I can try them and post them to the good ole’ blog.


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