2011: A Year in Reflection

2011 was good to me.  Here’s a short re-cap of a few things that made me smile big this year:

  • January:  We rang in the New Year with family and friends in Australia.
  • February:  Rich and I celebrated 5 years together.
  • March: We went skiing at Mount Snow in Vermont, and I re-committed to Weight Watchers.
  • April: We traveled to New York, and I accepted a job offer at John Hancock.
  • May: We traveled to Baltimore, and Rich and I celebrated our 26th birthdays.
  • June: We met Brett Kirk, footy legend, and the Bruins win the Stanley Cup.
  • July: We traveled to Bar Harbour, and my big brother got married.
  • August: We adopted our puppy, Tonto, and I accepted a job offer at Commonwealth.
  • September: Rich and I celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary.
  • October: Rich and I travel to Disney World in Orlando.
  • November: I lost 20+ pounds, met my weight loss goal, and ran my first 5K under goal.
  • December: Started this blog!

Wishing everyone a very happy and safe New Years!  

I hope you’re all celebrating in style, unlike me, who is eating pizza for dinner and going to bed at 12:01am because we have a flight to catch to Australia tomorrow.  Although, I won’t complain too much because I’m very lucky to be starting off the year with family and friends and, well, summer in the southern hemisphere.  Stay tuned for my next blog… from Oz!


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