Everything Hurts

1/21 WORKOUT:  Ran C25K W6D1 on treadmill 2.63 miles / 31:00 1. incline; Arc trainer 10 minutes; Kettebell 20 minutes

Whoever said you can lose up to 10% of your fitness in 2 weeks wasn’t lying.

Yesterday, I exercised for the first time in almost 2 weeks.  As my Turtle support group advised, I decided to ‘ease’ myself back in to things by going back to my routes and completing a C25k workout.  All things considered, it was a good workout; I ran at a consistent 10:00 min/mile, which is a good pace for me, and I felt good enough to use the arc trainer for 10 minutes.  It felt good to get up and moving again… till I woke up this morning.

Everything hurts.  I have knots in my upper back — My hips are tight — My calves are sore.  Thinking back, I probably should have eased myself back into things a little more…

Hopefully another run today and laying off the weights for a couple days will ease the pain a little.  Or maybe just sitting on my rear watching another episode of Chef Roble & Co will do the trick.  We’ll see.

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