Monday Runday and Why I Hate My Gym

1/23 Workout: Ran C25K W6D2 on treadmill 2.62 miles / 30:00 1. incline

Today was the second run of my super amazing 2012 comeback.  It was surprisingly much less painful than I thought it would be.  I ran a full 20-minutes.  The last time I kinda ran 20-minute was 2 weeks ago and it was kinda half-assed/horrible.  But today was a good run.  I ran at a steady 10:00 min/mile, so I can’t complain much about it.  My legs felt good and so did my lungs.

My standard running routine at the gym is to pick a hamster wheel with prime real estate, aka in front of the TV that plays Animal Planet all day.  Usually this works in my favor and keeps me entertained for at least a little while, but not today because they had some gross Planet Earth episode about bugs and larvae.  I hate bugs, and it made me want to cry, then vomit.


In September, I canceled my membership at Boston Sports Club because we adopted Tonto, our quasi-human pride and joy.  BSC was too out of our way, and we had to be home at a reasonable hour to let him out.  He’s so high maintenance.  [BSC – if you’re listening – I miss your personal TVs, spotless locker rooms, and functioning treadmills.  Not your $69/month though. Don’t miss that at all.]   We went sans gym membership for a couple of months, until it started to get cold and I wimped out to the weather.  Now we go to Planet Fitness and I hate pretty much everything about it.

It always smells bad, 24/7 — no joke – I’ve been there in the AM and PM — same disgusting smell.  Their machines are always broken.  I can’t listen to the TV audio because the machines shock me via headphones and in to my ear canal.  People always stare at you in the free weight space.  Staff doesn’t acknowledge you exist.  And lastly — the thing that bothers me probably the most out of everything — EVERYTHING IS PURPLE. My least favorite color in the world.

Also, their ads are stupid.  And annoying.

So why do I go if I hate it so much?  Because it’s $10 a month and a 5-minute walk from my house.  I guess the price and convenience is worth it for 1/2 an hour to an hour of misery.


4 thoughts on “Monday Runday and Why I Hate My Gym

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  3. That gym sounds horrifying! The smell alone would be enough to drive me out. I did notice a slight odor for the first time at the Quincy Y the other day. I hope this isn’t a harbinger of smelly things to come!

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