Spam… and I DON’T Mean the Canned Version

Just wondering… Does anyone else get a ludicrous amount of spam comments on their blog??

Luckily, WordPress is AMAZING at filtering these out and not automatically posting them to my blog… but it’s still annoying.


I don’t really think that you “read few posts on this web site” and “believe that your web site is really interesting and has lots of great information,” which BTW was posted to my recipe for cocktail meatballs.  (Glad you find beef, bread crumbs, and grape jelly so informative!)

If anyone has any secrets they’d like to share, pass ’em alongggg….


4 thoughts on “Spam… and I DON’T Mean the Canned Version

  1. It is annoying, but I find the mangled English so amusing that I am compelled to read through them all! I am almost tempted to do a spam comment of the week, but I don’t want to encourage it! 🙂

    Here’s the link for the Quincy 5K. It was announced last night. Unfortunately, it looks as though the $10 was a special if you registered by midnight. It’s $15 now. Still pretty cheap though. So many of the runs I have signed up for recently have been in the thirties! Yikes. You should do it!

    • Hubs told me he’s going to Ohio for work that day and I can’t find anyone to run with me, so I don’t think I’ll be doing it. It was a nice thought though… LOL Thanks for the info incase I change my mind!

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