Recipe Wrap Up – JANUARY

One of my goals for the new year was to try at least two new recipes each month.  Given that I was in Australia for the first two weeks of the year and hardly cooked at all, I still managed to try THREE  new recipes in January!

Here is a brief summary of my thoughts and whether or not I’ll be posting to the recipe section of this blog:

Bang Bang Shrimp

Original RecipeSkinnytaste’s Bangin’ Good Shrimp

This recipe is described by Gina, author and cook of Skinnytaste, as, “stir fried shrimp mixed with a creamy sweet and spicy chili sauce served on a bed of shredded lettuce and purple cabbage topped with scallions. This is a bangin’ good slimmed down copycat recipe of Bonefish Grill’s very popular Bang Bang shrimp.” is one of my go-to recipe sites for healthier versions of comfort foods.  This recipe for Bang Bang Shrimp was super simple to make and had some good flavors.  I had all the ingredients in the house, except for purple cabbage which I went and bought, so I knew I didn’t have to spend a lot of money to make this dish.  I also decided to serve this as a lettuce wrap instead of just serving on a bed of shredded lettuce.

Things I liked:  Quick, few ingredients, healthy

Things I didn’t like: Too spicy, too much mayo, messy


This recipe was okay, but left a lot to be desired.  I love lettuce wraps, but this just didn’t do it for me.  Maybe it’s because I used tiny shrimp instead of jumbo prawns (they were fresh so I had to use them), so I’ll probably try this one more time with bigger shrimp to see if it makes a difference.  I’ll also probably half the sauce.

Lasagna Roll Ups

Original RecipeDashing Dish’s Lasagna Roll Ups

This recipe is described by Katie, author and chef of Dashing Dish, as, “a wonderful way to enjoy lasagna, because each ‘roll-up’ is packed with protein (and veggies)! Since each serving only has one noodle, they are only 13 grams of whole grain carbohydrates per roll!”

As a loyal Weight Watcher, finding yummy, Point Plus friendly meals is important to me.  I love food, so I don’t want to be forced to sacrifice flavor just to be within my daily PP allowance.  One of my WW friends suggested I make this recipe because I had some ricotta left over in the fridge that I wanted to get rid of.

Things I Liked: Easy, few ingredients

Things I Didn’t Like: Nothing!


This recipe was soo delicious!!  I kept my serving size to one roll-up, although Rich loved it so much he wanted to eat three but kept himself at two.  I was able to make 8 roll ups instead of 6 because our lasagna sheets were much smaller than the ones that Katie used.  I also substituted ground chicken for beef because I didn’t have any ground chicken, but of course you can also use ground turkey or even tofu or any meat substitute.  We ate roll ups three nights in a row, but didn’t get sick of it because they were so good.  This is definitely going on the recipe list… SO STAY TUNED for an update to my recipe section. =)

Salisbury Steak and Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

Original RecipeSkinnytaste’s Skinny Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy; Skinnytaste’s Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

I’ve never had salisbury steak, except for maybe one time as a frozen dinner, but I like to try new foods and saw this online a few weeks ago, so I decided to give it a go.  It was convenient because I had all the ingredients in the house, and when I saw that the recipe made 8 patties, I knew I had to make it during a busy week for me and my husband.  One big cook-up on Sunday = less cooking during the week!  We also have a soft spot for mashed potato, but don’t eat it very often, so this was a good suggested combination from Skinny Taste. =)

Things I Liked: Big portion, high yields

Things I Didn’t Like: Somewhat time consuming


Mmmm, so yummy. It kind of reminded us of a hamburger but with gravy.  The mushroom sauce added a nice touch to the dish. I added a good sized serving of spaghetti squash underneath everything to add an  extra serving or two of veggies.  The only thing I’d do differently next time is cook a little more sauce; a lot of it gets soaked up while the patties are simmering, so there wasn’t quite enough to go on top.  The flavors actually developed a little more after a day, so leftovers for the next couple days were possibly better than when they were fresh off the stove.  This recipe is a keeper and will be added to the list. =)

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