Monday Funday

2/6 Workout: Walked the dog 1.4 miles / 26:45; cardio-kickbox video 30:00; WH Mag Kettlebell workout 15:00

Two days of activity in a row — that’s the most I’ve worked out consecutively in awhile.  I was originally going to run today, but my knee was a bit sore from yesterday, so I had a day of rest.  I took the dog for a short walk during lunch, and he was so well behaved on his leash.  He didn’t attempt to bite the lead and hardly pulled.  I hope this isn’t part of his plan… be well behaved today, then lose his mind tomorrow.

Tonight I did a cardio-kickbox at home.  I love me a good cardio-kickbox session.  I had my first class back in May when I was working in Southie and going to BSC near South Station.  I miss it, but a free 30 minute video through Comcast OnDemand will have to do for now.

After dinner, I did my usual kettlebell workout, but added a couple of 1-lb weights on each arm for a little bit of extra weight.  One pound made a big difference… Which further affirms that I have no upper-body strength and need to keep doing weights for the rest of my life.


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