My 365 Project

Since January 1, I’ve been working on my 365 photography project.

The basic premise of the project is to take one photo a day for an entire year. By the end of your year, you’ll have a summary of your entire year in photos.

I found this article that sums up the challenge pretty well. Taking one photo a day sounds easy, but honestly sometimes it’s hard to remember to do it, especially when you have a busy day!  Your photos don’t have to be perfect or anywhere near it, and you don’t need a fancy DSLR either.  Use your point-and-shoot or camera phone!

I’ve been documenting my photos on my other WordPress site: mylifeinFOCUS.  Please visit, follow me, bookmark it, whatever it does that makes you happy. 🙂  I’ve also linked it up to this blog through the menu bar up top…

I really encourage everyone to do this!  It’s a great, fun way to document your year.  Not all days will be exciting and you’ll probably find yourself photographing something boring like your living room lamp some days, but that’s okay.  You’ll think back and think, “Man, that was a boring week.  I just didn’t do a thing.”

Already this year, I’ve learned that I’ve done so much more cooking than I used to.  And I’m obsessed with my dog.

What will you learn about yourself through this project?


12 thoughts on “My 365 Project

  1. Hurray for new projects! I’m really enjoying my P365 so far. You know something that my husband mentioned that HE’S noticed… that I AM in so many of my pictures when a year ago I would run away if anyone had a camera out. And he’s right! lol. So that was a cool realization.

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