Five Thing Friday

Time to institute a new weekly thing for my blog so that I post a little more consistently on the weekends… FIVE THING FRIDAY!  I stole the idea from Cely at Running Off the Reese’s, but because I am lazy and not quite as clever as her, I changed it to five things. You know, because five starts with the same letter as Friday…

1.  I am currently obsessed with kitchen appliances.  I bought a Hamilton Beach hand mixer last month because it was on sale on Amazon for $18 and I thought that I would make some fun things like muffins and desserts.  Haven’t used it yet.  Now, I want a Cuisinart 3-cup food processor for the sole purpose of being able to make wontons like my grandmother used to.

2.  I wish I had the ability to draw well so that I could draw things like this:

3.  I hate toilets that flush automatically. Is 5 seconds really too long for me to sit down and do my business?  I do not need five flushes in a row to get the message.  I get it.

4.  This week, I replaced my Blackberry for an iPhone.  Now I will no longer have to charge my phone twice a day, remove the battery 4x a day, or wait 10 minutes for a webpage to load.

5.  Doors should have some kind of opening warning system.  I almost get killed on a daily basis at work by people entering the bathroom with gusto.  (Really gotta go, I guess.)  I push slowly and slightly juuust incase there’s someone on the other side, but I suppose that’s too much effort.  Solution?  Alarm, or maybe just a frosted glass window but I’m sure that’s probably against the law.

Is this too much to ask?

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