We Will Run

2/9 Workout: Ran in the park 2.53 miles / 30:01

While working from home yesterday, it was hard not to want to go outside for a quick workout.  The sun was shining through the windows, and the thermometer  said it was 45° outside.  We headed out with the dog for a short 30-minute run because we had to leave home a little early to get to a work function in Newton and couldn’t take a long lunch break.  The dog ran with us on Sunday and slept solid for the next two days, so we decided to do it again.  (Laziest. Dog. Ever.)

Today’s workout consisted of a 5-minute warm up, 20-minute run, and ~5-minute cool down.  The walk across the bridge to the park was windy as usual, and my hands were frozen numb by the time we got to the other side.  I got my fancy new iPhone but of course I was unprepared and none of my apps were ready, so I just manually tracked our route when we got home.

I’m slow getting back to where I used to be, running an average ~10:45 or so mile today.  (Not positive on the numbers since I didn’t have my app loaded.)

I don’t have much more to say… it was just a good run, labored breathing from time-to-time because of the cold air, but nothing controlled breathing and a neck warmer couldn’t fix.


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