Valentine’s Day Run for M&Ms

2/14 Workout: Ran on treadmill 2.56 miles / 29:56 1. incline

Yesterday’s run was… well, good.  I had to make it a short session because Rich was slaving away cooking risotto for Valentine’s dinner at home.

I downloaded Nike+ for my phone before I went to the gym because I’ve heard many good things about it.   It tracks your mileage even on the treadmill, which peaked my interest. I still need to calibrate it on my next outdoor run, but the accuracy seems to be pretty spot-on already.  It only showed a difference of ~0.02 from the treadmill when I finished my run.  Not sure what was off, the treadmill or Nike+.

I ran an average 10:24 mile, and I felt good for the entirety of my run.  The time flew by.  I originally only planned on running for 20 minutes, but continued running till the end of the song that was playing and managed 21 minutes.  I could have kept going but I only had time for a 30-minute workout.  I think I’m starting to get back in to my groove, which feels good!

I’m glad I ran because Rich’s risotto was rich (pardon the pun), but so yummy.  For dinner, I shoveled peanut and milk chocolate M&Ms in my face, followed by a Ferrero Roche. Mmm, but it was worth every bite.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I got in a proper 3+ mile run.  I’ll focus on Thursday and get it done.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Run for M&Ms

  1. I like the Nike+. It’s been a dependable companion on many runs, although sometimes I think I’ve switched it on but haven’t and will get halfway through a run and get really mad at it for not announcing that I’ve made it to the first mile! Still, it’s a pretty cool gadget. Nice job on the pace!

    • LOl Hey! That’s human error. Can’t blame Nike+ for not reminding us to turn the thing on. =P Just kidding. I like that I can link it up to atuomatically update with MapMyFitness, which I’ve been using to log my mileage. No double logging!

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