The Function of Music

“The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought.”

— Sir Thomas Beecham

I couldn’t think of a witty title for today’s post but I did found this quote and thought it fitting for the topic I wanted to write about today.  I can’t get through a run without music.  I know some people say they love running without music because it creates a completely different experience, they enjoy hearing the sound of their feet hitting the pavement, it helps them pace better, etc.  I admit that I’ve never run without music but that’s because I choose to.  It helps me pass the time and keeps my energy levels up.  I honestly find that I run faster when a high-paced song that I love comes on.

Lately, I’ve gotten a little sick of my workout playlist so I looked up and downloaded some songs that would add some spice to my playlist and, therefore, my run.  Tuesday night was the first time I ran with my updated playlist and I think it was part of the reason I had such a good run.  Here are a couple of songs that I’m digging right now:

  • “Rumour Has It” by Adele → Just an overall superb album
  • “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyonce → Word
  •  “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars → Even though I don’t like BM, I admittedly love this song.
  • “Beautiful People” by Chris Brown → I know I’ll probably get a lot of crap for this one…
  • “Smooth Criminal” (cover) by the Glee Cast → Intense dueling CELLOS!
  • “Where Are We Running” by Lenny Kravitz → Stole this by accident from my hubs but it’s a great song
  • “Love You Like A Love Song” by Selena Gomez → Don’t  hate on the Disney stars! There’s another one below too…
  • “All Night Long” by Demi Lovato → Again, don’t judge me…
  • “Look At Me Now” (cover) by Karmin → crazy, white girl rapping
  • “She’s A Genius” by Jet → Another one stolen from hubs

What’s on your iPod playlist right now?  Do you like to run with or without music?


10 thoughts on “The Function of Music

  1. I’ve been trying to experiment with the right beats for my pace, so my “new” playlist was really just a collection of stuff I’ve had on iTunes forever. But all that BPM business aside, what really has gotten me moving lately is one of those top-40 compilation CDs. I especially like “Mr Saxobeat,” and you can’t go past “Pumped Up Kicks.” I never thought I’d be into that kind of music, but it’s perfect for running, and even better when you haven’t heard the songs a bazillion times. 🙂

      • Agreed! I saw her on SNL by chance (I rarely watch it) in December ’07 and immediately went out and got 19. Then I got separated in February ’08 and divorced from my first husband later that year, and lost track of the CD in boxes somewhere. But I later dug it out and spent almost the entirety of fall/winter ’09-’10 listening to it in my car nonstop. Went gaga for her, and haven’t looked back! My (second and awesome) husband took me to see her for my bday last year, the concert was in May. Simply fantabulous!

      • Yes, we saw her at a smaller theater venue (I suspect they booked it before 21 was released and she became a megastar, because most of the venues for that tour were like that) and by the time tickets went on sale, they sold out in moments. Luckily I follow her on FB and somehow managed to get included in a presale, so he was able to get tickets. I think even those who had access to the presale didn’t all get to buy them.

  2. I have run without music before and even though it can be pretty cool (becoming one with nature, tuning in to your own body, and all that jazz), I definitely prefer the company of my nano.

    Some of my current favorites:

    Christina Aguilera – “Candyman”
    Jessie J – “Domino”
    Eve ft. Swizz Beatz – “Tambourine”
    Chiddy Bang – “Ray Charles”
    Britney Spears – “Womanizer”
    LMFAO – “Sexy and I Know It”

    I try to change it up every so often so that I don’t get bored.

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