Zero to 3.35

Tuesday 2/28 Workout:  Run on treadmill 3.35 miles @ 37:58 1.0 incline


Have you ever had a run that just flew by? A run that you truly enjoyed? A run where you felt like you could run… forever?

Well, I’ve never had one of those types of runs… until tonight. And it was on the treadmill to boot.  I wouldn’t say I could have run forever, but I felt like I could have run more than I did, but I had to pick up the dog from daycare before they closed because Tonto waits for NO ONE.  I ran 3.35 miles in 38 minutes, which included 7 minutes of walking to warm up and cool down.  This was a milestone for me.

On Sunday, I really struggled with my run and had a longggg moment of self-doubt.  I began to doubt how I was ever going to run further than 3 “measly” miles.  After a pep talk with my virtual running group, my Turtle friends, I realized that my problem was I beat myself up too much over my pace.  I can run a 10:20 minute pace outside, so why can’t I do it on a hamster wheel with the tread pulling me along? Well, there’s the whole running in place, with no scenery, in a humid and smelly gym thing….

So I decided my goal today was a) to run b) at a slower pace and c) not complain about it.

I am not a natural runner like a lot of other runners.  Running, for me, is HARD.  I have asthma.  My legs are short,which makes my stride shorter, which ultimately makes running shorter distances harder for me.  Running hurts my knees unless I do exercises 3x a week to strengthen my leg muscles.  I have to try really hard to keep up my endurance, otherwise I can lose it in as quickly as 2-3 weeks.  I’m not one of those people who can take a 2 week hiatus from running and pick up where I left off.  Running is not natural or easy for me, but I think this is also why I love running so much — to push myself beyond the limits I thought I had.

I am proud of myself today.  I met and surpassed my goal.  I watched as people came and went on the treadmill next to me, as others stood and waited next to me for my treadmill, and I watched them walk away annoyed that I wasn’t done with my workout yet.  (How dare I work out for as long as I wish!)

I couldn’t help but be proud of myself tonight, and I hope that this is a sign of good things to come.


6 thoughts on “Zero to 3.35

  1. Awesome job!! I completely understand that feeling of it not coming naturally. And you’re right, on those moments where you can push through (rare for me!), it feels amazing. Keep it up!! I’ll definitely see you out there one weekend once I get my act together. 🙂

    • Since I started running outdoors, 95% of my runs on the TM are crappy. Boo. But I suppose runs are what you make of them, and I had my mind set on having a good run. Good luck to you on 5 miles! Some day I’ll be right there with you…

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