One Year Ago

Tuesday marked my one year anniversary on Weight Watchers.

It was my second try on plan.  I’ve heard people say if you kind of work the program, it kind of works.  This time, I worked the program and it worked.

A lot has happened for me in a year:

  • Changed jobs twice
  • Traveled to Australia, New York, Maryland, Maine, and Florida.
  • Watched my brother get married
  • Adopted a dog
  • Started running
  • Ran my first road race
  • Celebrated my 2-year wedding anniversary
  • Lost 22 pounds
  • Lost 16.5 inches total
  • Went down 4 dress sizes

I met my weight loss goal in November 2011 and am currently 2 pounds under my goal.  For the first time in years, I’m back at my high school weight!  (Although I think I had a lot less “curves” back then….)

Losing weight has done a lot for me than just change my appearance.  It has helped me discover things about myself that I never would have found otherwise.  It has helped show me that there are no limits if you make the time for something and put your mind to it.

I feel like it’s made me more confident and comfortable in who I am as a friend, wife, and daughter.  I admit I still have a ways to go with the confidence, but I’ve come a long way. =)

Today, I start the second year of my weight loss journey.  The weight loss part of it may be over for now, but as for all the other stuff that comes with it… it will always be a work in progress!


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