Friday’s Focus On: The Nike+ GPS App

I’m going to try something new… Every Friday, I’ll write a post about one topic in particular. It can be anything from running, to puppies, to my favorite travel spot, to my love for organizing. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear from you!

Today’s Topic: The Nike+ GPS App

I’ve been using the Nike+ GPS iPhone app since February 2012. What can I say except that I love this app! When I first started running, I used the MapMyFitness (MMF) program to track all my runs and also my walks but I’d been reading a lot about the Nike+ GPS app and many of my fellow runner friends were using the program too. I decided to bite the bullet and pay the $1.99 to iTunes, and it was one of the best running purchases I’ve ever made. Nike+ GPS does essentially the same thing as all the other tracking apps — tracks distance, speed, average pace, splits, etc. — so I won’t bore you with those details. So why do I like it so much?

1. It’s user-friendly and the interface is pretty:

Yes, I am a stickler for things that are easy to use and look nice. Although MMF has made some improvements to their look, I still like Nike+ best.


(L-R) Main screen, route by distance or pace, run history, run records

2. It integrates automatically with MMF:

Since I started logging my miles with MMF, I didn’t want to lose all that information or have to manually input my information into a new system. It’s too time consuming and I’m lazy. All I had to do was enter my Nike+ ID and password into my MMF profile, and it updates my MMF log automatically!

3. You can use it outdoors and indoors and still gives you accurate readings:

True, I can just manually input my miles on the treadmill reading, but I’ve read many articles that treadmill readings can be highly inaccurate depending on how well they are maintained and calibrated. Since I hate my gym and don’t trust the upkeep of their machines, I don’t trust the readings.

So how does Nike+ work indoors? It uses a built-in MotionX accelerometer to track your movement, which means you no longer have to wear the shoe sensor. The app does require calibration on your first few runs in order for the readings to be right, but if you’re running outside either, that calibration is automatic since it’s tracking via GPS anyway.

Components used in MotionX technology… Yeah, I don’t get it either.

4. Nike’s top athletes have your back the entire way:

When you’re close to your goal, achieve your goals, and surpass your goals — whether it’s meeting your daily mile/time challenge, beating a personal best, or running more than you did last week — you get a sound clip from some of the world’s top athletes to push you along to the end and celebrate your victories with you when you finish. This is a feature that I think is really unique… and motivational!

Top athletes, like Lance, are right with you

5. Your friends are there to cheer for you… through Facebook:

This feature is probably my favorite. When I start a run, it’s automatically posted to my Facebook page.

Your runs are automatically posted to Facebook, if you enable that function.

That in itself isn’t really a big deal, but what most people don’t know is I can actually hear cheering through my headphones when people like or comment on my status. Read that as LIKE my status when you see I’m running, people! 🙂 It’s a pretty cool function and gives me that extra boost when I need it.. like around the 20 minute mark. (*hint hint*)

See who cheered you on!

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

There is also a Nike+ app for the iPod touch and iPod Nano, but I can’t vouch for that. The functionality is the same, but the major difference is it relies on WiFi and the shoe sensor rather than GPS, so you’ll have to calibrate your first few runs, whether outdoors or not, in order for the MotionX technology to work right and log your distance properly.

So, have I convinced you yet? Are you going to get on your phone and buy the Nike+ app?

What programs do you use, if any, to keep track of your mileage or workouts?


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Focus On: The Nike+ GPS App

  1. I use the NIke+ on and off. I like it for all the reasons you mentioned, althought I turned off the bit where it broadcasts to Facebook as I thought I was in danger of driving my friends crazy. Although given the number of times I actually run, I doubt I’m really in any danger of that … I wish it announced stats in your ear more frequently. I want to hear from it on *every* mile. But still, it’s a cool app. I should use it more often.

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