Friday’s Focus On: Keeping the Beat 5K {Race Recap}

Time for a combined post for my 5K from last weekend and also FFO… I apologize for the lack of photos. I need to work on that during my next race and will bring my camera.

Today’s Topic: Keeping the Beat 5K

Rich and I ran the Keeping the Beat 5K at Nantasket Beach on Sunday, April 29. It was our third road race and benefitted the pacemaker division of the Children’s Hospital of Boston. The forecast called for partly cloudy skies, 12 mph winds, and a temperature of 58º. Perfect race weather, minus the wind.

Note to self: I almost never seem to be dressed appropriately for a run… which was further proved on this race day. I just simply wear too many layers! Just wear a t-shirt or one long sleeve shirt. Not both. You’ll end up sweating even if you’re cold in the beginning. (Me talking to myself)

There were about 300 – 400 participants and sponsors galore. We knew that getting there only 45 minutes before the start time was probably a bad decision since they were out of race packets and properly sized t-shirts by the time we picked up our bibs. Some day, we will learn… We were all huddled around the Mary Jeannette Murray Bath House for the start, and at 12:0o, off we went. (Don’t you love when races start on time?)

The course was along the main beach road then broke off around the 1-mile mark into one of the neighboring roads along the beach. It was an out-and-back flat course, which I liked because you got to enjoy beach views without much distractions almost the entire time as long as you could sneak a peek between all the houses. A lot of the leading runners cheered on some of us slower folk on their way back to the start/finish line and I even saw a few high fives between strangers! How awesome.

It wasn’t my fastest race, but also not my slowest, so I’m not too upset about it.  The headwind was fierce for the first third of the race and of course, there was absolutely no tailwind on the last third.  Just our luck.  My asthma was not being friendly either and had to use my rescue inhaler a couple times, but I know that’ll get better with time as I get used to outdoor running during allergy season. (Last year I was mostly on the treadmill during allergy season). The more you run, the stronger you get, right?  I also need to work on not psyching myself out… one of my pitfalls.

Overall, it was a fun run for a good cause on a gorgeous Spring day. It was scenic and very well organized.  They had a lot of good sponsors like Brooks, REI, Vita Coco, Pop Chips, and Chobani – all of the food/drink sponsors had free samples.  I’d like to give special kudos to the dude carrying his DSLR during the entire run and still managing to run an 8 minute mile pace.  Impressive.

Next on the list… the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5 Miler in July… or maybe one more before then.  Happy running!

The event: Keeping the Beat 5K
The location:  Hull, MA @ Nantasket Beach
The date: April 29, 2012
My time: 32:39 (10.32 pace)
The cause: Children’s Hospital of Boston
The swag: Bright green cotton t-shirt with race logo
The grub: Vita Coco, pizza, beer

(Thanks to Tracey at Stride & Joy for the race re-cap inspiration!)

Did you run this weekend?  Do you have any race suggestions in the Boston area?


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