Friday’s Focus On: Tonto

My Tonto Tuesday posts seem to be the most “liked” posts on my blog. So, for all you Tonto lovers, here is more Tonto!

Today’s topic: Tonto

We adopted Tonto in September 2011.  When Rich received a promotion that involve traveling a lot during the year, I knew I finally had the right bargaining chip to convince him to get a puppy.  I searched on Pet Finder for a few weeks.  We knew what we wanted — nothing too barky, on the small to medium size, that wouldn’t shed a lot.

We actually found another dog at a local animal shelter that we thought would be a good match, a Norfolk Terrier named William, but our application wasn’t accepted because of our living situation in a condo.  Apparently William loved to bark all day which wouldn’t be a good thing having shared walls in a condo, so it was actually a blessing in disguise.  I hope he’s found a good home; he was so cute.

William – I hope he’s found a good home!

We inquired about one more dog, who ended up being already adopted, before we found Tonto.  Don’t ever tell Tonto he wasn’t number one on our list; he will be royally pissed.

Tonto was was being fostered in Rhode Island.  Apparently he and his siblings lived with a lady in Tennessee till she lost her home and couldn’t care for them anymore.  Her dog came home preggo one day and she had no idea till out the puppies came!  Ah, the good old South and their non-belief of neutering/spaying.  I just found out today that one of his siblings that looks exactly like him is/was named The Lone Ranger. How cute is that!

She didn’t know what to do with them when she lost her house until someone told her about Critter Cavalry Rescue, who could put them up for adoption.  Most people just assume that because Tonto was a rescue that he has some history of animal cruelty/abuse, but that wasn’t the case at all.  Although, I noticed he has a fear of people with sunglasses or hats, but I think that’s more of a general dog thing than a rescue thing.

The photos on his Pet Finder page were hysterical and showed different aspects of his personality.  We submitted the adoption application and about a week later after some reference checks, we were approved to meet him and then picked him up!

“Step off!”

He’s a small little guy at a little less than 20 pounds.  His tail is almost as long as his entire body, which was an observation brought to my attention by my dear friend Allison after she requested a measuring stick to measure his tail to body ratio during a dinner party at my house this past winter.

Tonto enjoys long walk, playing with other dogs, cuddles, eating apples (or anything really), and chewing deer antlers.  He does not like cardboard boxes, people wearing hats/sunglasses, bath time, and going out in the rain.  If Tonto could use three words to describe himself, they would be: spunky, cuddly, and loveable.

With that said, here are some spunky, cuddly, and loveable photos of Tonto for you to enjoy!

What do you think of Tonto?

Would you pet him if you saw him on the street?


4 thoughts on “Friday’s Focus On: Tonto

  1. He’s a super cutie!!! We have cats and I’m not the biggest fan of dogs in the world, but I would definitely pet him (after asking your permission). What a lovable chap. 🙂

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