Friday’s Focus On: Pet Peeves

While talking with a friend, I realized that I have a lot of pet peeves.  Like, A LOT of them.  Probably more than the average person.  Don’t judge me.

Today’s Topic:  Pet Peeves

I don’t have a whole lot of time for this week’s FFO because I’m leaving for DC tonight (yay vacation!), so I’m just going to lay out alllllllll my pet peeves in my favorite format: bullet points.  ENJOY!

  • Disorganized things – like stuff scattered all over my desk or a messy closet.  Everything has a place.  For example, my closet is organized by item (pants are separate from skirts, which are separate from shirts), then by color, then by sleeve length.  I could go into detail about this but I won’t because someone will lock me in the looney bin.
  • The use of apostrophes for plural non-possessives – like when people write “My weigh in’s have been less than stellar.” That is not correct so please stop doing it.
  • When men don’t wear a shirt under their button-down work shirts – I really don’t need to see the dark shadow of your chest hair, especially not when you’re wearing a white shirt.  Barftastic
  • Clutter – This probably seems the same as disorganized things to most people, but this is totallyyy different to me.  Hoarding can be organized, but it’s still clutter.  De-clutter then organize that stuff, people.
  • Steak that is cooked more than medium – That’s just not the way meat was meant to be eaten.  Sorry.
  • Linty napkins at restaurants – The last thing I need while at a nice restaurant is lint all over my black pants/skirt and no lint roller in sight.  Can’t you afford nicer napkins if you’re going to charge me $35 for a steak?
  • Untimely or no responses to emails – If it were up to me, there would be a 24-hour time standard for responding to business emails.  I know you read my emails because I attach read receipts!  Also, isn’t it just good manners to reply to emails in general, for business or not?
  • Monday morning or Friday afternoon meetings – Just… Why? Please don’t do it ever.  You are just asking for another meeting with me with hundreds of follow-up questions. Just don’t do it to yourself.  Or me.
  • SUVs parked in compact car spots – You, sir, are an a-hole.  Thanks for blocking my car in so well that I can no longer open my door to get in.

I guess the list isn’t that bad… I’m sure I’ll come up with more things that annoy me subconsciously.  I’ll be sure to write them down next time and post about it again, which I’m sure you would love that.

What are some of your pet peeves?


5 thoughts on “Friday’s Focus On: Pet Peeves

  1. I am SO with you on the email non-replies. That gives me the rage! How did we all get “too busy” to bother? It also drives me nuts when you put questions in an email and they don’t all get answered/addressed. Crazy-making. 🙂

  2. This isn’t a response to your question, per se, but I wanted to mention that, at one or two fancy schmancy restaurants I’ve been to, they’ve specifically brought me over a black linen napkin if I was wearing black pants or a black skirt/dress. That is a touch of class, I tell you!

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