Out With The Old

Ahhh, what can I say about my running as of late?  Well, not much simply because I haven’t been running that much.  Sigh.

Last month I had a good month in terms of mileage.  I was feeling super motivated to run quite often, and hit my highest monthly total so far since I’ve started running.  Thirty-seven miles is not much for most people, but it is a lot for me.  This month, however, is a whole other story.

The first two weeks of May started off awesome!  I decided to increase my mileage and shoot for 4 – 5 miles and I did it, running my first 5-miler on the 1oth! Wooo, go me!  Well, since then, ppppppfffffpppttthhhhhh.  I’ve run a total of 10 miles in the last two weeks.  I will chaulk some of it up to some stomach issues I was having, which makes it difficult/unpleasant to run, but the truth is I simply haven’t had much mojo.

I know, I know.  Most runners hit slumps and we all lose our mojo from time to time, but WTF.  It’s not like I’m some super star runner training for a half or something crazy like that.  I run 3 – 3.5 miles a few times a week.  I should not be burnt out from that.

Rich has been traveling a lot lately, so I know that has something to do with that and the effect it has on my mood.  I keep forgetting to remind myself of the silver lining that everyone keeps telling me about — that his time away is a good opportunity for me to focus on myself.  It’s a good opportunity to focus on running and exercise.  I just need to stop being so crazy and clingy and stuff… it’s not a good look for me.

With that said, Friday is the start of June (umm when did that happen?), so out with the old [attitude] and in with the new!  It’ll officially be summer soon, which means blue skies, running in tank tops, and puppies galore in the park!  I think I got my mojo back. =)

My mantra for the month of June!

Do you ever hit a slump?  What helps you find your mojo?


8 thoughts on “Out With The Old

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  2. You’ll get the mojo back! In my extensive experience :-), it seems to come and go in waves. But I think it’s always there; it’s just harder sometimes to tap into it. BTW, 37 miles is huge! That’s way more than I end up running in a month!

    • Waves is definitely a good way to describe it. Haha I have two races in July so I’m hoping that’s the push I need to get my rear in gear. =) Although one is the Color Run, which is untimed, so that’s more just a fun one. =)

  3. I like your attitude for June! That said, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a little break and dial things back once in a while. Could be just what you need to take things up a notch when you dive back in. Rock on!

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