Juneathon Challenge – Day 1

While reading one of my favorite fitness/running blogs yesterday, Diary of a Dashinista, I saw she had recently blogged about Juneathon.  Today, she had another post about it and also a Tweet, so naturally I was intrigued and inquired about what exactly it was. She explained it simply: “It’s a blogger challenge to run or workout (and blog about it) every day in June.”

Sounds simple!  And given that I’ve lost my running/exercise mojo as of late, what better way to get motivated than with a challenge.  I’m always up for some good, friendly competition even if it’s just with myself.  Today is June 1, the official start of the challenge, so what better time to jump on board than today.

So what exactly are the “rules” to Juneathon?  Well, there aren’t many, and they’re considered guidelines more than anything.

  • Run or do some form of exercise every day.
  • Blog about it within 24 hours.
  • Join the Juneathon group at the Running Free website and log your runs/exercise.
  • Visit other blogs and leave comments, giving your support.
  • Link to the Juneathon website and display the ‘Juneathon Participant’ logo (above).
This challenge probably sounds familiar and similar to RunnerWorld’s Running Streak.  The key difference is that the Juneathon is for bloggers, but that doesn’t mean non-bloggers can’t “unofficially” participate.  Care to join this challenge with me?

See the activity on RunSaturday

Type: Run – General
Duration: 0:19:12
Distance: 1.85 mi

Day one of Juneathon consisted of a short run around my neighborhood, a daily plank, and a 15-minute kettlebell workout.

My running route today consisted of an up and back around State Street Bank, a route I haven’t run in months.  Normally we go to the park but I was feeling a bit bored with it.  Also, since we have a 5K tomorrow, I didn’t want to run for very long or very far.

The monthly Plank-a-Day challenge is on too, so I did mine today.  I haven’t participated in the challenge since February but was still able to hold the plank for 1:06.02.  Guess my core is stronger than it used to be since I started using the kettlebell.

Last workout of the day was a short 15-minute Women’s Health kettlebell workout.  This was the workout I started with when I first started using the kettlebell, and when I don’t have 30-minutes free for Jillian Michael’s Shred It With Weights, this is my go-to workout.

I’m feeling so energized tonight.  Further proof that I need exercise to get me through the day!

How did your first day of Juneathon go?

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