Juneathon – Day 3

Last night before bed I did my plank as part of the Plank-a-Day challenge. Yesterday’s time was 1:10, slight improvement from the day before.

As for today:
See the activity on RunSaturday

Type: Cross – Weights
Duration: 0:25:00
Distance: 0.00 mi

My workout for day 3 of Juneathon was my go-to kettlebell workout, Jillian Michael’s Shred It With Weights.  I’ve been using this workout DVD for the last few months, and I love it.  Kettlebells are a great, full body workout especially when you’re short on time.  It works your arms, legs, back, and core all at the same time.  The good thing about this workout DVD, besides the fact that it kicks your butt, is that you can do this workout with regular dumbbells if you don’t have a kettlebell or aren’t quite ready to make the purchase yet.

Today I did Level 2 before going out to dinner with my folks and, as usual, was huffing and puffing (and sweating profusely) by the end.  This was only the third or fourth time I’ve done Level 2 of this workout and, while it’s getting a tad bit “easier”, it still kicks my ass.  I always feel strong and confident in my abilities after doing this workout.  Whenever I feel like that after a workout, I know it’s something I should sick with.

I wrapped up the night with a plank for the Plank-a-Day challenge.  Today’s time was 1:12, a couple of seconds longer than yesterday.  Improvement!

Did you workout today?  How did you wrap up your weekend?


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