Juneathon – Day 4

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Type: Run – General
Duration: 0:09:43
Distance: 1.02 mi

My upper body is really sore today from my kettlebell workout yesterday, so I only went for a very short run at lunch.  I don’t usually exercise on Mondays, so working out today felt kind of weird…  The weather forecast said the rain would be clearing up for a few hours between 12 and 3.

I looked out the window at 12 and it was still raining.  One o’clock… still raining.  One thirty… yup.  So I decided to just go out there and get it over with.  After experience the wrath of the rain storm last Saturday, today’s rain would be nothing.  There was hardly a drizzle, and I knew I would be back shortly, so how bad could it get?

Wrong.  I was wrong.  It can get bad as soon as you step out the door.  It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the weather during the PRoNE 5K, but the winds were fierce.  I’m talking 30mphgusts fierce.  I was only gone for 10 minutes, but water was dripping down my face and arms at the end and it was not sweat.  It was also chilly, not even 60 degrees.  Yipes.  Luckily it wasn’t so bad to require a shower, so I just changed my clothes and got back to work.

I wrapped up today with a plank — 1:16.  Damn, that one kinda hurt today.  (See above comment above about soreness.)

Regardless of the weather, day 4 is over and tomorrow I plan on going to the gym for a run since we’re not meant to see any sunshine until Saturday.  Let’s just hope that means there’ll be no rain in sight for the week after.

Did you make time to exercise today?


4 thoughts on “Juneathon – Day 4

  1. So, just like you I had a very short run. I made time for my run later in the the day than I normally do, with plans of running 4+miles. So, about 1 mile in…i fell. Like a real fall. Scraped up the whole right side of my body. And I walked home. lol.

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