Juneathon – Day 5

Day 5 of Juneathon consisted of a long walk with the dog and our friend Nikki the human (yes sometimes specifying species is  necessary) and a short run.

It was a chilly but not rainy day and will probably be the only day until Saturday that it won’t rain at night!  We decided to size the day and walks our collective dog posse together!  Nikki volunteers as a dog walker on Tuesdays and usually walks Comet and Sergeant Stubby, two beautiful pit bulls (the dog not the singer) every Tuesday.  We decided to meet up under the Neponset Bridge at 6:45 for our one hour walk.  When the time rolled around, so did Nikki… sans dogs!  She forgot their owner was out-of-town, so she didn’t have any dogs to walk.  Oops.  Oh well.  That just meant Tonto was going to be the center of attention like the prince he is.

It was a nice walk from our house, around Pope John Paul II Park, and back.  We walked a total of 2.7 miles in about an hour, door to door.  Not too shabby!  Tonto was lucky today and was allowed to sniff as much as he wanted and even play and sniff some other dogs in the park. =)

Average speed: ~2.7mph
A nice slow, casual dog walk

When I got home from the dog walk, my legs were itching for a run, so I dropped Tonto off in the house, drank some water, and off I went again.  The plain was to run down Hancock St to the train station and loop back around to the other connecting road.  I gauged it at around 1.4 miles.  Almost at the end of the route, I decided to cross the road and go up a short but steep hill that took me over a short bridge and looped back around to Hancock Street.  This added a little more distance to my run and I ended up clocking 1.55 miles in about 15 minutes.  Check out my pace!

Average Speed: 6.13 mph
This is the fastest I’ve ever run!

OK, well at the end I had to pause my watch to stop at the light, but it was only for about 10 seconds which doesn’t count anyway.  The last 1/4 mile of my run was just shy of a 10:00 minute mile, so I kicked it up a notch and sprinted home.  Next time I need to be more careful because I stepped in a sidewalk pothole and nearly twisted my ankle.  That could have ended poorly.

Last but not least, I ended my day with the plank-a-day challenge.  I held today’s plank for 1:20, a tad bit longer than yesterday.  Go me!  I ended the day feeling strong and empowered!

How did you exercise today?  Did you take a spin around the block?


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