WIAW and Juneathon – Day 6

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Yeah, it’s been a couple of weeks since I last did a What I Ate Wednesday post.  I have no good reasons except that I’m always too hasty to eat my food so there’s usually nothing left to take photos of.  I remembered today… sort of… I actually have most of the same stuff to eat for the day tomorrow, so I just took photos of those.  Kind of a cheat but just use your imagination. ‘K?

Breakfast: (7 P+) Homemade whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana, coffee!

Lunch: (7 P+) Salad with dried cranberries, goat cheese, cucumbers, baby carrots, two thin slices of ham deli meat, a veggie patty, and light balsamic dressing

Snacks: (7 P+) Apple, another banana, greek yogurt with fresh blueberries, Laughing Cow cheese with 4 biscuits, and almonds

Dinner: (9 P+) Homemade New Orleans style “barbecue” shrimp, rice pilaf, and a few red pepper strips

Holy poop, never before has my Weight Watchers PointsPlus allowance been so evenly distributed to every meal!  I don’t expect that to ever happen again because I usually am a beast at dinner and skimp a little on the snacks and breakfast.

Daily Points [DP] + Activity Points [AP] – Points Eaten [PE] = Net

29 DP + 6 AP – 30 PE = 5 P+ left over

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

In addition to the food department, I also kicked some ass on the exercise front today.

Day 6 of Juneathon, or National Running Day, consisted of a long run and a plank for the plank-a-day challenge.

See the activity on RunSaturday

Type: Run – Intervals
Duration: 0:53:31
Distance: 4.88 mi

I decided to re-start my 10K training program since I gave up just a little on running over the last few weeks.  I haven’t signed up for a 10K yet this year but have been dabbling in thoughts of doing one in September or October, but I just can’t commit.  I will definitely be doing a 5-Miler in November, so I might as well just go for that extra 1.2 miles, right?  It just makes me nervous thinking about training in the summer for a race in the fall because allergies will be full force, which also means so will my asthma.  I’ll do the math for you:

Physical Exertion + Pollen/Grass/Ragweed floating in the air + Allergies + Asthma = Wheezing. A lot.

I’ll keep with it and if I decide to, I’ll sign up for a fall 10K in late August.  Anyway, I’m using the Bridge to 10K training program, which is an extension of the Couch to 5K program or the training program I learned how to run with.  If it worked for me from the start, why not keep with it?  Today’s workout consisted of a 5-minute warm up, then four 10:1 run/walk intervals, and a 5-minute cool down.

I don’t really know what happened to the clock, but the time total is a little off which annoys me but only because I’m neurotic like that.  My average run pace was 9:54/mi (or ~6.06 mph) and my average walk page was 16:03/mile (or ~3.74 mph).  I started off slower than normal for the first interval, which I’m trying really hard to focus on so that I don’t do too much too soon, and honestly the whole time I thought I was running as slow as a snail.  I must have kicked up my speed a little for the second half.  The last interval felt great and I wasn’t even huffing or puffing that hard…

Typically my runs following a good run are horrible, but I have confident that my next one will be fine.  I’m trying to not psych myself out and just go slow in the beginning and focus on other things the rest of the time: my breathing rhythm, dogs in the park, bugs flying into my face…. Each time I run, I feel stronger than the time before, so I guess this whole “training” thing really does pay off!

Finally, I ended my day with a plank for the plank-a-day challenge.  My time was 1:25.  Progress all around!

Did you run today for National Running Day?

How did you do on the nutrition and exercise fronts?


6 thoughts on “WIAW and Juneathon – Day 6

  1. Let me tell you that the shrimp bbq and the rice made me really hungry, I’m being serious I went to the freezer and took a rack of ribs for my dinner tonight lol.
    As for the running keep it up, that’s a good pace and if I may give you a non-asked advice, try to run every now and then without the watch, just listen to your body it’s a total different sensation.

    • I had the shrimp for dinner 3x this week, and while it’s delicious, I’m ready for something different tonight. LOL

      For the run, I didn’t use my watch this time, just my iPhone because it has the training app which tells me when to run and walk. It doesn’t tell me my pace, which I like because I felt like it helped me focus on my form and how I felt more than what time to beat. So you are exactly right, it’s a totally different sensation. =)

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