Wet and Wild Weekend: PRoNE 5K {Race Recap}

PRoNE 2012

On Saturday June 2, Rich and I ran the second annual P.R.o.N.E. 5K, a race benefitting the Pug Rescue of New England, at Castle Island in South Boston. From a week before the race until the night before, I kept viciously refreshing my Weather.com feed every couple of hours on my phone, hoping that the forecast for Saturday would improve ever so slightly. Come race day, the weather forecast for the day called for rain, downpours at times, and 20 mph winds. Oh poo.

When we arrived around 8am, the rain was somewhere between a drizzle and a downpour. Contrary to what one might think, the mood of the event was neither dreary nor drab despite the weather. There were pugs galore and music circa 1995 – 2001, and nothing gets me in a better mood than hearing some Beastie Boys, Nelly, and INXS at 8 in the morning. Let’s not forget to mention the plethora of raincoats and pugs in raincoats. Normally I don’t care much for pugs except for a select few special ones I’ve met over the years, but I have a newfound respect and love for the breed and all their furry, roly-poly glory.

Just one of many… Check out the underbite.
(Photo courtesy of Tracey at Stride & Joy)

The day before race day, I had made plans to meet up with fellow jog blogger, Tracey from Stride & Joy, and inadequately described myself to her as “the girl wearing a bright blue top.” Well, as you can see, there were a lot of people with blue tops on.

A sea of blue… and rain jackets
(Photo courtesy of Tracey at Stride & Joy)

Luckily she told me she was wearing a blue cap, and since there weren’t many people wearing hats on such a windy day, I was able to track her down, and we decided to run the race together. We were both unsure who would pace who or if we would even pace each other at all and before we knew it, it was race time.

We started a few minutes late, which I still consider on time given the weather. We started off strong at a little under a 10 minute mile pace. Would today possibly be the day that we would both meet our goal of running a sub-30:00 5K?

In short — no, it didn’t happen. (Sorry to ruin the ending.) About 3/4 of a mile into our run, the rain started to get heavier and only got worse from there. At one stage my contact lens, yes, the one I wear in my eye, got water-logged and I could only see out of one eye. It took me a good minute or two of covering my eye and rapid blinking for it to normalize itself. Sometimes you forgot how much you need both eyes when gauging dimensions and distances from other people/objects whilst running.

Don’t be fooled by the calm…

Despite all of this, we still managed to run about a 10-minute mile for the first mile and a half. But next came the wind. Oh Lord, the wind. By the time we got to the Castle Island Jetty, the winds were fierce! Running against 20mph headwinds was, um, challenging to say the least. At one stage, I thought my bib was going to blow right off and take me with it.  Next came puddle after puddle − they were unavoidable at this stage − then a massive wave then came up and over the jetty just as I was approaching and smashed straight into me.  Well that was… fun.

Honestly, I couldn’t help but laugh.  The entire time.  It was actually a really, really fun race in the rain.  I didn’t care about my time or pace or speed.  I just enjoyed the moment and every unbelievable, laughable second.  I really just wanted to make it to the end in one piece and not end up in the Harbor.

The aftermath… everything hanging on the horse

In the end, things turned out okay.  Even though our second mile split was slow, you know, given the circumstances, we still ended up with a decent time.  I crossed the finish line first, then Rich second (only because I sprinted), then not far behind us was Tracey.  (Yeah! You did it and didn’t get blown away in the wind!)  We were soaked to the bone and panting a bit (along with the pugs) but still in good spirits, and that’s all that really matters, doesn’t it?

I think we’ll look back at this race and always remember how badass we felt braving the elements and running in a monsoon.  It was a very fun race indeed, sogginess and all.


The event: P.R.o.N.E 5K
The location:  South Boston, MA @ Castle Island
The date: June 2, 2012
My time: 32:21 (10:27 pace)
The cause: Pug Rescue of New England
The swag: Red cotton t-shirt with the PRoNE logo (see 1st photo above), tennis ball and coconut scented spray for the dogs, pugs, puddles
The grub: Brownies, cookies, bananas, muffins


8 thoughts on “Wet and Wild Weekend: PRoNE 5K {Race Recap}

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  4. I just found your blog! I love the way you outline your event at the end! Would you be so angry if I borrowed that from you? I love it. Thanks for your recap and way to go on your 5k! Cheers~

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