Juneathon – Day 11

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Type: Run – General
Duration: 0:17:36
Distance: 1.61 mi

Mondays are my work from days so, just like last week, it felt weird to work out on a Monday.  I really need to get more used to this and just force myself to do it once Juneathon is over.  The plan was to just do a short run with Rich from our house down to the park, around the short loop, then back.  I mapped it out and it would end up being about 1.8 miles, which is a good distance for us to go with the dog.  He was sleepy all morning, but of course once Rich gets home, he has lots of energy.

We started off a little slow, walking a couple of minutes to warm up.  I wasn’t looking to break any records but still wanted to get my sweat on.  Even though we took it easy today (I think we average a 10:20 or so run pace), we were still sweaty beasts by the end.  I guess it was kind of warm out still…

Here’s my rant for the day:

Some old guy on his bicycle made a comment to us about us running with our dog, and it rubbed me the wrong way.  Tonto is a small dog, the size of a Jack Russell Terrier, but if you know anything about the breed, they are pretty high energy despite their small size.  He’s not nearly as energetic as a full bred JRT since he’s a mutt, but they were originally bred to be hunting dogs so they can run quickly and for quite a while than you’d think for such a small dog.  Well, as the guy was riding by he said “You need to be careful running a puppy his size.” People just need to mind their own business…  Tonto was just happily running along without a worry!

Anyway, rant over!  I think an easy workout on Monday is the way to go for me.  I never seem to have the motivation to work very hard on Mondays.  Haha At least something is better than nothing, and one of the things I love most about running is that it can burn so any calories in such a short amount of time.  Even in just 15 minutes, I burned off about 150 calories.

I also ended the day with a plank — 1:40.  A new record for me!  Tomorrow I plan on running longer and continuing with my Bridge to 10K training.  I’m having those impure thoughts of a signing up for a 10K again… It comes and goes.

Hope you all had a great, manic-free Monday!


8 thoughts on “Juneathon – Day 11

  1. You know, maybe everyone should make Monday a rest day. Then we’d have something to look forward to about Mondays. 😉 That biker comment would rub me the wrong way, too. I run/walk with my Shih Poo and just watch to see if she’s getting tired.

    • I work from home on Mondays, so that’s what I look forward to. =) I need to get used to working out on Mondays because my motivation starts to waver the closer I get to the weekend… LOL The sooner I get workouts over with, the better!

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