Juneathon – Day 13

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Type: Cross – Weights
Duration: 0:25:00
Distance: 0.00 mi

Today’s workout consisted of JM’s Shred It With Weights and a plank. My quads were a tiny bit sore from yesterday’s run but I was feeling good. Nothing special to report about today’s strength training except that we did it probably a little too soon after dinner. I thought Rich’s dinner was going to come back up. Yipes!

Even though weighted plank rotations are part of the workout and technically can be counted during the plank-a-day challenge, I decided to give it a go not expecting much.  Good thing, too, because I could only for it for 1:00.

My arms say ouch but my abs say… ouch too.  Glad today’s workout is over.  Several parts of me hurt, including my injured palm.

4 thoughts on “Juneathon – Day 13

  1. I planked last night! 1:00. Are you doing them with your arms straight/extended, or changing them up at all? I did a straight-arm one (top of a push-up). Tough, especially since I restarted System Six (a heavy strength phase) and running this week!

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