Juneathon – Day 14

Happy Weekend Eve Eve!

I am always happy on Thursday nights because it means I only have one sleep left till Free Bagel Friday, or Carby Friday as I like to call it because, well, I eat a lot of carbs on Fridays.

Day 15 of Juneathon consisted of a bike ride down the Neponset Trail and a 1:41 plank!

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Type: Bike – General
Duration: 0:34:15
Distance: 7.04 mi

We decided to go for a bike ride today instead of a long run because I didn’t feel much in the mood for running today.  We ran hard and fast on Tuesday so maybe that’s why I wasn’t interested in a run.  Also, I haven’t done much bike riding lately so I need to get my butt used to it.  Literally, my butt because bike saddles aren’t know for being the most comfortable thing in the world.

We rode along the Neponset Trail and it was kind of busy with some runners and bikers but mostly walkers.  I didn’t bring my camera because I had no place to put it but maybe next time once I buy a bike jersey with some pockets.  Why do people insist on taking up the entire path?  How can two people walking side by side possibly find a way to take up the entire footpath?  Well, a few people figured it out tonight.  We whizzed by a lot of people who probably didn’t hear us and who we probably scared, but when you don’t leave me any room to pass on the left, that is bound to happen…

Sunday we’re going to the shop for a tune-up since we’ll be training starting next week and our gears are sounding a little creaky, especially Rich’s bike.  This sounds oddly weird, but I think I’m going to like training.  Check back with me in about a month and ask me if I still like it. =)

A little over 7 miles covered today in not quite 35 minutes.  Rich even tried to run straight after to see what jelly legs feel like.  His reaction?  “Oh, no wonder tri-athletes run so funny right after their bike/run transition.”  In about 13 weeks, that’ll be us!

What do you look forward to most about Fridays (besides that it’s the start of the weekend)?


2 thoughts on “Juneathon – Day 14

  1. I think there should be a law that says “stay right except to pass” that applies to everything everywhere – cars, bikes, people on roads, paths, sidewalks, escalators. It’s not hard, and I thought it was common sense, but apparently that’s a challenging idea for 75% of the people that I bike/run/drive past.

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