Juneathon – Day 16

I think technically I’m not within the 24-hour rules for day 16 of Juneathon, but since I haven’t been near a computer or had time to write in the last 36 hours, this will have to do.

For day 16 of Juneathon, I did a short hike at Borderland State Park with Tonto and my friend Dani. It was by no means fast or furious, nor was it intended to be. It’s been more than a few weeks since I last saw Dani, so it was a nice casual hike in the woods and we were able to catch up on our life’s happenings. Lots of stopping to let Tonto sniff and pee on things.

At one stage, we were in a pretty dense area that reminded us of The Hunger Games, so we got to talking about hypotheticals/scenarious which isn’t out of the ordinary conversation for the two of us. We decided that if we were actually in the Hunger Games, we would be screwed because 50 minutes into our hike, we were already hungry. We wouldn’t be able to hunt because we’re too slow/unskilled and we’d end up trying to smash animals with a bow and arrow instead of shooting them. We clearly weren’t made for that sort of thing.

Anyway… we covered about 2 miles in 52 minutes, and Tonto had fun early afternoon of sniffing new territories and meeting new dogs. Nothing too wild, but sometimes it’s nice to just take it easy and catch up proper with friends while doing something different.

(BTW, no plank for me this day because I didn’t get home until well after 1am and was too tired to do one!)

Tired after an all-day outing


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