Juneathon – Day 17

Day 17 of Juneathon was a short dog walk with Tonto and the three other dogs in the family at Harold Parker State Forest

The family walking in the park with the dogs

We covered about 1.5 miles in 31 minutes, stopping at about the three-quarter mile mark at the pond to let the dogs have a swim/wade in the pond, then turning back after getting some dirty looks by a couple people trying to attempt fishing. It was another slow dog walk where Tonto was allowed to sniff, pee, and poo in a new place as much as he wanted.

Today’s exercise definitely was nowhere near a hard or even moderately sweaty workout, but it was still a beautiful day so I let myself soak it all in. Also, on our drive out of the park and back home, we saw a house that had an alpaca on the front yard! So cute!

(No plank for today either because I’m feeling too tired for that today.)

Tonto and Ozzy (cousins) walking together like good budides!


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