Triathlon Training: Week #1

As I mentioned before, I was thinking about taking the plunge and signing up for my first triathlon.

Well I did it and registered last week for the event hosted by my work.  It’s limited to 50 participants and is held down the Cape.  It’s more of a fun event than a competition, so I think it will be a good one to start with.  Just thinking about it makes me nervous, but the important thing is to come up with a training plan and stick with it.  Rich is convinced we could write our own training plan but I wouldn’t even know where to start, so I looked up the 11-week training plan suggested by some friends and will modify it slightly since we still have 15-weeks till the event.

For week 1, this is the schedule:

  • Mon:  OFF
  • Tue:    Run 15 minutes
  • Wed:   Bike 5 miles, incl. 10-min warm-up and 5-min cool down
  • Thu:    Swim 200M, incl. 50M warm-up, 4 X 25M main set, 50M cool down
  • Fri:      OFF
  • Sat:     Run 15 minutes
  • Sun:    Bike 5 miles,  incl. 10-min warm-up and 5-min cool down

Since we haven’t signed up at a pool yet, I’m going to skip the swim this week and start up again after we sign up at the community pool this weekend.  I’m already a decent swimmer, so I should be okay.  I’ll just do an extra run to make up for it or some kettlebell training.

That’s my schedule for the week and it definitely is doable, especially because I’m already running at least 15 minutes and biking more than 5 miles.

At the end of every week, I’ll write a summary on how my training is going. We’ll have the Juneathon posts too, but the daily posting will definitely drop off when July starts.  Rich will be happy with that. 🙂

Have you ever thought about doing a du/triathlon?


6 thoughts on “Triathlon Training: Week #1

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