Juneathon – Day 20

Day 20’s workout included a bike ride and a 1:25 plank.  Well, I’m not positive on the time because I was watching a YouTube vlog while I did it and forgot the time when I paused it and gave up on the plank.

See the activity on RunSaturday

Type: Bike – General
Duration: 0:32:03
Distance: 6.22 mi

Yesterday’s bike ride was good. The training schedule called for 5 miles but I ended up doing a little more because of the length of the trail I was on and also the added cooldown time.  I rode along the Neponset Trail which wasn’t as busy as usual yesterday because of the heat. It was still over 90° when I left the house but I figured I would get a slight breeze once I picked up my pace.  Well, I was sort of right – there was a breeze, but that breeze was hot as Hades so it helped none with the heat.

Despite the weather, the ride was pleasant and it was nice and buggy out thanks to the humidity.  I drank 16 oz. of water from my Camelback pack during the course of the ride.  A few bugs ended up flying up my nose when I breathed in so I was forced to do mouth breathing.  For some reason, bugs entering my mouth is somewhat more comfortable than breathing them up my nose.

Two training days down this week, three more to go.

Do you still exercise in extreme weather conditions (hot or cold)?

2 thoughts on “Juneathon – Day 20

  1. I’m still learning how/if I can exercise in extreme weather conditions. I’ve been surprised by being able to run in the heat if it’s not humid and now that I’ve run in the rain, I LOVE it. My fear is in when winter comes. I was running on the treadmill last winter because I was still new to running. However, I do have a fear of hitting a patch of ice, so I don’t think I’ll be running outside when we get close to freezing again…

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