Juneathon – Day 21

Ummm… not much to report on today’s Juneathon.  I decided to switch up my rest days and gave myself one today rather than tomorrow.  Tomorrow I’ll go for a run at the gym because its going to be 98 thousand degrees out again and I am just not into running in that.  Does that make me a bad runner?

This is the first New England heat wave of 2k12.  OK, lies.  It was also freakishly warm in the 80s in February or March or some other absurd cold weather month, but when it’s winter time people don’t freak out as much about it.  God forbid it’s in the 90s in June and people freak the f- out.

I also talked Rich into going to check out the community pool at lunch time, so who knows.  Maybe we’ll actually swim laps tomorrow night (refreshing, no?) and we’ll still be on track with our triathlon training!!

I did fit in a plank today as my only form of “exercise.”  Like just now.  And it was for 1:50. Woooo.  Now time to lie down because my lower back hurts.  Is that normal?

Is your neck of the woods getting hit by the Heat Wave of 2k12?

What are you doing to stay cool?


3 thoughts on “Juneathon – Day 21

  1. OMG, so glad I am not having to run in that heat! I hope it cools down for the BAA 10K this weekend. I wonder if it’s going be Boston’s week of extreme heat for the season. 🙂 (Not counting that weird bit in March or whenever it was.)

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