Juneathon – Day 22

Yet another day of not doing much on the exercise front… I went to bed wayyy too late last night because I wanted to wait up for Rich to get home from Pittsburgh.  His 10:30pm arrival time ended up changing to an 11:00pm arrival time which then turned into a 12:00 am arrival time…  Yes, I probably could have gone to bed because he didn’t want me to pick him up at that hour but I chose not too.  I stayed up watching Into the Wild on my laptop and was half asleep when he got home.  Still conscious enough to have a quick chat before going to bed.

I had the best intentions of exercising today since I rested yesterday.  We went to the Quincy public pool at 7:45pm to sign up for a membership and and also swim because the schedule online said that adult lap swim started at that time.  It turns out the pool is closed till until after July 4, and since it was already past 8pm by the time we actually found someone to talk to, neither a swim nor a run happened.

When we got home, I debated going for a short run so that I didn’t mess up my training schedule too much.  It was drizzling and I have learned to love running in the rain because it’s easier on my lungs.  But I ended up just doing one set of my simplified kettlebell routine and spending the rest of the night watching a movie with Rich.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned.  Sometimes, hanging out not doing much with your significant other is just the thing you need.  It’s not a thing to regret or dwell over or think too much about.  Fitness is important to me, but there are some things that are just higher on my totem pole than that sometimes.

How did you spend your Friday night?


5 thoughts on “Juneathon – Day 22

  1. You are right, there are things more important than running, and also you won’t get out of shape by not training 1-2 days. You ate least have an “excuse” as to not having worked out, whereas me, well, I went to bed early and was too lazy to get up before it got too hot, instead went to buy fruits and pig out on churros with white chocolate lol.

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