Juneathon – Day 27

Day 27 of Juneathon consisted of a bike ride and a 1:30 plank.  I recently discovered this function called “Copy a Post” on WordPress and it is cutting down the required amount of time I need to spend on each post.  I’m pretty sure I’ve always had this functionality but I’m glad I’m finally putting it to good use!

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Type: Bike – General
Duration: 0:31:40
Distance: 6.5 mi

Our training schedule called for a 6 mile bike ride, so we rode again along the Neponset Trail but went a little put further towards the beach yesterday to make the ride a little longer.  There were not many people on the trail again… which was weird because it was such a beautiful night out.  There wasn’t much humidity and it was kind of crisp out, so it was kind of perfect.  I enjoyed it while it lasted because I will soon be sweating profusely and swearing at the heat as the temperatures teeter towards 100° for the next few days.

A few of our experiences from yesterday’s ride:

  • Seeing a group of about 10 underage kids drinking in an empty parking lot while repeatedly yelling “LANCE! LANCE! LANCE!” at us.  (FYI – You are not being inconspicious by drinking your “water” out of your clear bottles. Kids these days…)   I assume they were referencing Lance Armstrong because of the lightning speed we were going (13 mph)
  • A cute little boy yell at his dad (or perhaps grandpa?), “Shut up, you stupid old man!” While I agree you should respect your elders, we couldn’t help but chuckle.
  • Seeing lots of puppies – We saw a French Bulldog, a couple German Shepherds, a Pitbull (not the singer), and black lab.  Normally we see two long haired dachshunds on our rides along the trail, but they were MIA yesterday.

By the time we got home, we had clocked about 6.5 miles so right on track with our training schedule.  Things are looking good on the training front!

What’s one interesting “experience” you’ve had while working out?

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