Tri Training: Week #1 Update and Week #2 Schedule

Last week I started my 11-week training plan.  I had intended to get this summary post out at the end of the week, but now we are nearing the end of Week #2 and I am just getting to it now.

Since we still had 15-weeks till the event, I wasn’t too worried if the schedule got thrown off too much but I wanted to try to stay as close to the schedule as I could.  As I suspected, I didn’t stick to the schedule 100% but here’s how I did this week:

  •     Mon:  OFF
  •      Tue:    Run 15 minutes
  •      Wed:   Bike 5 miles, incl. 10-min warm-up and 5-min cool down
  • ×      Thu:    Swim 200M, incl. 50M warm-up, 4 X 25M main set, 50M cool down
  •     Fri:      OFF
  • ×      Sat:     Run 15 minutes
  •      Sun:    Bike 5 miles,  incl. 10-min warm-up and 5-min cool down

We had some hiccups, and things didn’t go exactly as planned, but overall I think I did pretty okay!  I made up for the workouts I missed in Week 2… which I will update you on Sunday or Monday!

This is my Week #2 training schedule:

  • Mon:  OFF
  • Tue:   Swim 200M, run 15 minutes
  • Wed:  Bike 6 miles
  • Thu:   Swim 200M
  • Fri:     OFF
  • Sat:     Run 20 minutes
  • Sun:    Bike 8 miles

When starting a formal training plan, are you usually strict with your schedule or let loose a little?


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