Friday’s Focus On: BIC Bands {Product Review}

Since I started running over a year ago, I’ve searched far and wide for the perfect headband.  Some may say that having straight, smooth hair is a blessing, but in the realm of running or activity, it is quite the opposite. Headbands simply do not want to stay on my head! Damn you, silky smooth hair (and extreme flat head)!

I’ve been mucho cheapo for a while and purchased the best multi-headband package that $4.29 will get me at the local CVS. I’ve gone through about 8 headbands in the last year. The majority have gone in the bin, but one time I got back to my car after a 5-mile run and found that my headband was missing. Apparently it had slipped off of my head at some stage during my run and I lost it.  Who loses a headband, honestly? Me.

This is when BIC Bands come into the picture. I’ve read about BIC bands for a little while on numerous running blogs, but was still skeptical. They claim to have a “magic” lining that makes the headband essentially sticks to your hair. I saw that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so at the hefty price of $10 per band, I thought what did I have to lose (besides another headband mid-run)?

I won’t lie. I got slightly overwhelmed browsing their website and seeing the wide variety of options to pick from. Sparkle, sporty, skinnie, minnie, thick, thin, blue, green…. How was a girl to decide?? I went with the skinny sparkle in silver because the color is versatile and who doesn’t want a little more sparkle in their life?

Pretty and shiny!

It arrived relatively quickly in a week. (Each BIC Band is handmade which results in longer lag times.) Now it was time to test it out by going out for a 20-minute run.  During the majority of my run, I thought I could feel it slipping further and further backwards, but I know that this was just me being paranoid because of all my other experiences. After 10-minutes, I double checked to make sure it was still there. Could it be true? Could this headband truly be non-slip?!

When I got home, it was still on my head! And it had moved hardly at all! See for yourself:

Before and After
(pardon the red face)

I’ve worn my BIC Band a few additional times since I’ve bought it, and with a slight learning curve, I’ve learned where to place it on my head so that it doesn’t slip. At all. I am convinced that that is truly a miracle.

A few fun facts about BIC Bands:

  • The proceeds for every single BIC Band are donated to a different charity every month. They’re doing good for the world!
  • All BIC Bands are hand-made and come in three sizes: 19″ (for kids or small headed adults like me), 20″ (standard), or 21″ (for people with big brains?)
  • They ship internationally!
  • BIC Bands are handwashable, or if you’re lazy, you can just shower with it on.

One of my favorite things about this headband is that it really is versatile. I love mine so much that I wear it almost everywhere, not only working out. It can add a little flair to any outfit and also kind of makes me feel sparkly on the inside, just like the material it’s made out of. Time for me to start saving so I can do some more online shopping!

Are you in need of a non-slip headband?

What do you do to keep the hair out of your face?

The opinions expressed about this product are truthful and honest assessments.
I have not been compensated for this review.

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