Friday’s Focus On: Fiji {Travel Series}

For the last month or so, I’ve had a post about 1/10th of the way written with a focus on traveling.  Actually, it’s probably less than a 1/10th of the way written because I could go on forever about the topic.  So, instead of writing one post on it, I’ve decided to do a series of travel posts that will focus on one place that I’ve been to.  I guess technically you can consider my Washington D.C. post the first of the series!

Today’s Topic: Fiji! 

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

I traveled to Fiji in February 2006.  It was the beginning of my semester abroad in Australia, and a few friends and I decided: Why not start it off with a bang?  Traveling to Fiji was an excursion most American students took as part of their experience studying abroad in Australia, so we did as the Americans do and booked an eight day trip at Beachcomber Island in Fiji.

Beachcomber Island, Fiji – Yes, the water’s that blue.
(I wasn’t as good of a photographer back then.)

Fiji is everything you imagine it to be: blue skies, turquoise water, sun, and dang hot.  We spent eight days as beach bums and did take an optional island hopping excursion and saw a traditional Fijian kava ceremony and shopped at a local market.  But, for the most part, our days consisted of drinking a lot, sleeping in the middle of the day, sunbaking/burning (depending who you were), eating a lot, drinking kava, and snorkeling. You know, the general “enjoying the sunshine and being on island time” type of thing.    We stayed on the “party island of Fiji” (might as well be its official name) so we, um, partied a lot.  

Not me. This dude worked here and did this dance every night.

It was my first real world travel experience.  I mean the “without my parents, on my own, real independence” type of real world travel experience.  It was my first time meeting so many people my age from different parts of the world: Sweden, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia… It was also when I first met this dude:

The first of many photos together.

I kind of grew to love that guy and eventually married him a few years later.  I fished myself a husband out the ocean!  I quickly learned that the way to this man’s heart was through a pitcher of Fiji Bitter.  (Our pallets were a lot less developed back then.)

Fiji was also my first adventure with this pretty lady, who eventually became the Maid of Honor at my wedding.

I miss that blue tank top. One of many lost articles of clothing while studying abroad.

I wish I could tell you more about Fiji besides the fact that it’s beautiful, the people are friendly, and they know how to eat and drink well.  Some day Rich and I will go back, but probably not to Beachcomber because, honestly… We’re getting a little too old for that type of crowd.  I need to be in bed by 11pm nowadays.  Next time, we’ll do it right, explore a little more, and (hopefully) not have to share a dormitory with 90 other people.

I’ll leave you with a few other pictures from my trip to Fiji.  I wasn’t really into photography back then as I am now, and the quality and quantity isn’t nearly as good as it is now obviously, so enjoy just a few slightly blurry, low-grade photos from my trip to the Pacific Islands. =)

Have you ever been to Fiji or the Pacific Islands? Is it on your travel list?


5 thoughts on “Friday’s Focus On: Fiji {Travel Series}

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  2. How nice, you indeed made the most of your experience there. I’ve always wanted to go down there, was my plan when I first came for 3 months, but then love found me and those 3 months turned into almost 3 years. You never know where likfe is gonna get you.
    I would go the Party Island for a night to get crazy and then relax and recover the resto of the time cuz my body cannot handle too much crazy now either.

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