What I Ate Wednesday

After a few weeks off of WIAW, it’s back! I guess I got caught up in the moment of not blogging every day post Juneathon that I forgot to take photos of my food. Well, I am back. For now anyway. 🙂

First up, breakfast! I mixed it up this time! Hooray for change! And exclamation points!!

Rich and I saw crumpets on sale at Market Basket a few weeks ago for $1.79 a pack, so we stocked up and kept them in the freezer. I first fell in love with crumpets while traveling abroad in Australia. Although I definitely prefer Golden brand, these will have to do because they don’t make them in America. I’m enjoying a whole package myself this week while Rich is traveling on business.

I added a little bit of creamy peanut butter on top of it, and accompanied it with a baked hard-boiled egg. I cooked up six eggs on Monday and used two in tuna salad and kept the other four for breakfasts this week. Baking the eggs was simple and makes for easier-to-peel eggs! Here’s how I did it:

  1. Pre-heat oven to 325°F.
  2. Place eggs in a muffin tray so that they don’t roll around. You can also use a cake pan or cookie sheet… just don’t let them roll off and smash on the floor!
  3. Cook them for 25-30 minutes and take them out when they’re done!

So easy and the yolk doesn’t come out too dry either. Nomm nommmm.


My mid-morning snack was a rice cake with a little bit of peanut butter.

I planned on eating a banana, but it was black and smooshed because the bagger at the grocery store decided to put my two cans of Goya beans on top of the bananas in my green bag. I haven’t checked the rest of the bananas but there better be some in fair condition otherwise there will be hell to pay….


Lunch was my standard salad: romaine, goat cheese, dried cranberries, and baby carrots with a little bit of lite creamy Caesar dressing. This is an old photo because, surprise, I forgot to take a photo of it before I ate it all. I knew I was forgetting something… I had it with two slices of turkey deli meat instead of a veggie burger. So I guess it doesn’t look anything like the photo at all.


For a mid-afternoon snack, I had half a cup of fresh blueberries I picked up at the grocery store for around a buck. They had tons of them, and they’re super flavorful and ripe. The last few times I’ve had blueberries they’ve been a little sour, but not this batch. 🙂 It was a good pre-run snack.  I opted not to eat the Greek yogurt I had planned on eating the blueberries with.



Dinner was supposed to be a salmon burger with rice pilaf, but I got home a little too late and only had 30 minutes to whip something up real quick before a condo association meeting. I was a little too ambitious with the timing of my workout plus commute plus meal prep time. Sometimes I think I’m superwoman!

I had all the fixing for a turkey pepperoni and mushroom mini pizza, so that’s what I made. I was in too much of a rush and forgot to take a photo (today’s theme?) before I scarfed it down, so I just took one of the fixings. Normally I make the mini pizzas on a tortilla but I didn’t buy any this week and a sandwich thin or English muffin serves the same purpose. Yumm!

I used to make my own pizza sauce but found that I never used enough and ended up throwing a lot of it away.  I had to open a jar of tomato paste and tomato sauce and hardly any of it was used since we’re never heavy on the sauce, so most of it ended up in the bin.  I saw the squeeze bottle of pizza sauce in the grocery store one day, so I bought it to try it out.

Genius!  It lasts longer and tastes just as good.  And it’s convenient.  That’s key.


After the condo meeting, I was still a little hungry and had leftover Daily Points+ and Activity Points for the day. I spread some Laughing Cow Light queso and chipotle on 4 whole grain biscuits to help fill me up. I still had some leftover points, but I wasn’t hungry anymore so I didn’t eat them. Hopefully this doesn’t back fire on me tomorrow.

I don’t have a photo, so let’s pretend the one below is mine. I’ve posted a photo of it before, so just do a search for it in the search box up there ↑ and to the right!


On the fun and fitness front, I’m really enjoying my triathlon training! Why didn’t anybody tell me that cross training was so much fun?! I’m not being sarcastic either. It’s not fun every day, like two days ago when my legs were throbbing so intensely that I couldn’t fall asleep, but I can definitely feel my body getting stronger! Muscles are getting sore which can only mean good things. I’m feeling the burn, baby.

I know I still owe all an official triathlon training update, but that probably won’t be until tomorrow or Friday. Rich just got his road bike and will train with it from now on. No more training in a mountain bike for him! Which means he’s going to whizz by me even faster.  Maybe I should get a motor for my bike…


Do you like to eat the same old thing Monday through Friday,
or do you try to mix it up every week?


10 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. I love crumpets! I’ve never had them overseas (have never been overseas!) but buy them occasionally. I just tend to eat them too quickly. 🙂

    I usually eat the same thing for breakfast (M-Th) for weeks on end, then get tired of it and change it a bit. It almost always involves some form of oats, though, whether cooked, overnight, or baked (or “baked” in the microwave). I got some buckwheat to experiment with, though… need to do that soon!

    I always make one thing to have for lunches each day (M-Th) and then eat out for lunch on Fridays after my WW weigh-in. I change things up quite a bit, and dinner is always something different each night (although often we’ll have the same staple meals each week, like pita or flatout pizzas (I love that squeeze bottle of pizza sauce for the convenience, too!), grilled cheese and salad, veggie burgers, goulash, spaghetti with veggie meatballs, chicken tamale bake, etc. I try to make at least one new recipe each week, although I’ve been slacking a bit with that since it’s gotten so hot … and busy! Love summer but whew. 🙂

    I’ll have to try the baked “boiled” eggs! I’ve recently taken to steaming them for 15 minutes and that works fairly well, but baking sounds so easy (although I don’t really want to turn on the oven lately. Did you still have to cool them off by immersing in cold/ice water?

    • They never last very long in our house either, so that’s why we stocked up. I think we bought 4 packages and two are left in the freezer. We’ll be up by my folks maybe this weekend so we’ll stock up again!

      I was on the new recipe a week wagon too but then I just didn’t have the time so I just made what was easy with what I had on hand. Summers are always too busy!

      I’ve had steamed eggs once at a B&B in Maine. They were great!

  2. Crumpets!!!!!! One of my all-time favorite things. We used to make special trips to Roche Bros to get them. They’re also at Whole Foods. You’re right though. The thin and slightly sad version you get here has nothing on Golden! 🙂

    • The first time we bought them in America, we bought them at that Roche Brothers but they’re soo expensive there! They were a little over a buck at Market Basket for the same brand. Maybe I can get my MIL to send us some Golden… Do they sell them at Simply Oz? =P

  3. Crumpets? Do share! Blueberries for a buck? That’s a steal. Might have been that they were just ripe and they wanted to get rid of them before over-ripening. The perfect time for you to buy them! Also, I’ve been looking for uses for the chipotle laughing cow. Any other suggestions?

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