I’m a bad blogger

Sorry for stating the obvious, but I’ve been a very bad blogger.

Why hasn’t anyone given me this award yet?

Besides posting Motivation Monday and Tonto Tuesday like clockwork, I’ve hardly been blogging at all for the last month or more.

Why is that? I’ve just lost the motivation or write, or should I say I just lost the motivation to find time to write.

It’s not like I was a daily blogger to begin with, but when did I become a monthly blogger? I thought I could manage being a weekly blogger, but as of late it’s apparently served to be too frequent. In fact, since Juneathon (when I blogged every day for 31 days straight), I’ve hardly blogged at all!

It’s not like I’m working out for hours and hours on end with no free time — but by the time I finish my workout, eat dinner, and shower, the last thing on my mind is sitting in front of the computer to write a blog. I just want to park my rear on the couch, give the dog a scratch, and shut my mind off while watching back-to-back episodes of True Blood.


So, in case you were wondering (which I’m sure you weren’t but amuse me anyway), here’s a “brief” recap on what’s been going on:

Triathlon training

I don’t always hit the mark with my weekly training schedule but I do my best. It’s honestly kind of exhausting exercising 5 – 6 days a week, even if it’s only for an hour every day. I’m a wimp! Overall, things are still going well. Only a few weeks left to go.


I have a bad cold! *Reader plays world’s smallest violin* The cold started to hit me on Saturday night around bed time, so by 8 a.m. Sunday I decided to cancel my 20-mile bike ride with hubs to sleep in for another hour… or three… So far I’ve missed Sunday’s and today’s training. That’s a lot of rest days for me! Every time I get sick, my progress seriously gets b-slapped back in time, which is making me worry. Well.. specifically, worried about running. Running will always be a challenge for me, even “only” 3 miles.


Rich has been traveling a lot for work the last month or more, which I think is also another factor that’s affected my blogging since I’m now responsible for all the dog related chores instead of 50%… OK, who am I kidding. My share is more like 25% (mostly petting, scratching, and taking photos of Tonto in strange positions.) I’ve also been on a home decor / organization kick. I should specify that this has been strictly in my mind, and all I’ve done so far is organize our bathroom cupboards. At least I’m thinking about the other stuff.

The last couple of days, I’ve been working on my first DIY craft project inspired by something I saw on Pinterest:


I finished that project tonight, and I’m excited to show you all the result! I’m not a crafty person, so this was a pretty big deal for me! I think mine came out cuter than the example actually, and it cost me a whole lot less than buying it. I plan on blogging about it later this week, so stay tuned!


We’ve been traveling (for leisure) a bit this summer and have more planned in the next couple months. We went to Vegas in early October, and for Labor Day weekend we’ll be going Charlotte, NC to see my BFF Lauren!  A new place! That means a new magnet! Oh, that things I look forward to nowadays.. Also, in October we’ll be doing our annual big budget trip!

To give you some background: Every year, we do one big budget trip in celebration of our wedding anniversary. Year Zero, or our honeymoon as most people like to call it, we went to San Francisco and Vegas; Year One, we went to Mexico; Year Two, we went to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL; and this year, for Year Three, we’ll be gallivanting through Europe! We just finalized all of our accommodation for the two weeks we’ll be there, so it’s official: London, Paris, Lucerne, Venice, Florence, and Rome! Neither of us have either been to Europe, so it’s going to be quite the adventure!


That’s what’s been going on with my life in a nutshell! I’m going to try to do better with some “mini updates.” That may work out better so then I can dedicate a few minutes every couple of days to write rather than spend half an hour or more writing a long arse blog entry that nobody cares about.

On that note: Summer’s almost over! Make the most of it!

What exciting summer plans did you look forward to most this year?

8 thoughts on “I’m a bad blogger

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  2. I haven’t blogged in three weeks, myself! I do need to work on that. But you’re not a bad blogger! You’re a busy bee, yes, but no need to put the negative labels on yourself, my dear!

    I’ve been thinking of coming up with themes, too… maybe even for most days of the week (every week day and then a weekend theme, too, perhaps) to encourage myself to blog more often. I need to remind myself that it’s okay to keep the posts brief, too! I think I just know myself and my tendency to write longer than I intend, which only makes me put it off even more. 😉

    BTW, I’m on vacation this week (and was sick today) so I haven’t been at my computer much. That’s why I haven’t been posting at WW. I’ll be back soon, though!

  3. Yay, Europe! I am going to be vacationing vicariously through you for sure. We used to buy a magnet EVERYWHERE we went. Our fridge was covered from top to bottom! Oh, and I love your 25% of the Tonto chores. Don’t worry about the blogging. It’s so easy for life to get in the way of writing about life.

    • I only started doing the magnet thing a couple years ago, so I don’t have many. I think I have about 15 or 20 stuck to a metal board in my office. I used to collect shot glasses, until I realized I was a little too old for that and it looked like I had a drinking problem. Haha

    • Yes! Recommendations are always helpful. We like to eat local when we travel.

      We are staying downtown at the Renaissance Paris Vendome, using all of DH’s reward points, so we’ll be living in style. Haha Can’t wait to show up at the 5-star hotel looking like a couple of poor backpackers. Hahha

      Come meet us and bring Doggy! 🙂

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