Two Weeks To Go!?

I feel like the last few weeks have really flown by. Believe it or not, there are less than two weeks until my first triathlon. Yipes!! I don’t really have any goals for the event except to finish. I don’t have any other goals, like to run the 5K non-stop like I usually do for my runs, because I think it’ll be an accomplishment all on its own to just finish.

My bad cold from last week is pretty much all gone except for this cough, which always seems to linger. I went on a short 1.5 mile run on Sunday for the first time in over a week and it was okay. I was actually surprised I could run that long considering I was coughing a lot and was having some breathing problems. Also the fact that it was about 90 with 100% humidity in Charlotte didn’t contribute to my cause. (Yes, I ran on vacation. If only it canceled out all the crap I ate this weekend…)

I missed a lot of training last week; in fact I only exercised on Wednesday and Sunday. I’m just hoping I didn’t lose a lot of fitness. At this stage, there’s not much I can do except continue on with my training schedule and just let things fall into place. Here’s how my week is looking:

  • Monday: Rest day
  • Tuesday: Swim 800M easy
  • Wednesday: Swim 800M easy; walk 45 minutes briskly
  • Thursday: Bike 15 miles
  • Friday: Run 30 minutes
  • Saturday: Run 60 minutes (umm or maybe just a 5K?)
  • Sunday: Bike 20 miles; walk 30 minutes briskly

I highly doubt I’ll run or will be able to run for 60 minutes on Saturday, so I may just stick to a 5K distance. I plan on just running slow and easy this week and next. If I was able to run in really hot conditions while slightly asthmatic, then I can run a 5K in normal conditions.

Do you usually exercise on vacation?

What did you do to celebrate the holiday weekend?


10 thoughts on “Two Weeks To Go!?

  1. Wow, time flies! I do usually work out some on vacation. Depends on where we are and what I have access to as to what I do. I hear you, though, it doesn’t often cancel out the food frenzy!

    We visited friends on Sunday and then I got a really bad migraine that night (that I’m still in the aftermath of) so we didn’t do much of anything on Monday except go to the acupuncturist (which was blissfully open on Labor Day – coincidentally we already had set up appointments, which was good timing. It didn’t kick out the migraine completely but I’m sure it helped).

    Hope your vacation was wonderful!

    • It does seem like yesterday I was saying how I was terrified that I signed up for it. Hahha You’re not getting old. Just wiser. =) I don’t usually run when it’s that humid or hot out, but we wanted to take our friends dog for a short run. It was exhausting. We looked like we’d just jumped in a pool, we were so sweaty.

  2. Good luck on your first tri! It looks like you’ve been training hard- I’m sure you’ll do great 🙂 For what its worth, I think my first tri was the most fun I’ve ever had in a race, from 5ks to half marathons. So jealous of you!

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