FALL Into Good Habits! ~ What I Ate Wednesday #10

I feel like every 4 – 6 weeks I’m saying the same old thing about these posts… but I really am going to give What I Ate Wednesday another try. This month’s theme is “Fall[ing] into good habits” after all! I’m going to live in the spirit and, since there are no real rules, am going to change things up a bit!

I started doing these sporadic posts in April and I’m still only on my tenth WIAW post! That number makes me kind of sad considering there are double the number of weeks between my first WIAW post and today.

I’m going to make things easier this time around. Instead of posting food from only one day (Wednesday), I’ll post meals from throughout the week that I’d like to share with you all. That way I don’t have to keep beating myself up for forgetting to take photos of every little bite, and I also won’t have to worry about boring you all with the same meals from every Wednesday. My weekday meals are generally very boring and repetitive, in my opinion anyway.

A new month, a new WIAW post! Let’s hope I can keep up with it this time.


My morning meal has been pretty standard the last couple of days. I was on vacation in Charlotte, NC over Labor Day weekend and was out of my routine, so I’m kind of glad to be getting back to my usual PB&B breakfast. I have an unhealthy love for peanut butter, so I was starting to suffer from withdrawals while I was away. Don’t worry though. I easily replaced the PB with PM (pumpkin muffins) while I was away instead.


Sorry, no lunch photos! Lunch has been salad the last couple of days, and lunch while away the rest of the time was just pure rubbish. I promise next week I’ll have something a little more interesting than a blank space.


Sorry that this photo is blurry and sucks.

One of my dinners while away was Carolina barbecue at a little shop called Midhouse Smokehouse. It was hard to eat healthy there, and I’m so glad I didn’t. I ordered the half rack of ribs after Rich told me ordering a whole rack would be a little over ambitious. I thought a half rack was three ribs and I was wrong. Now thinking about it, that would make sense… I ordered a side of mac ‘n cheese with my ribs, and they came with hush puppies on the side. Rich ordered the pulled pork, which I had a nibble of, and it was equally delicious.

This was my first experience with real Southern food and I wasn’t disappointed! Everything was so flavorful. I ended up eating only half my ribs and mac ‘n cheese since everything was so rich and heavy. I’m not complaining though because I had leftovers for lunch the next day! Next time I’m down South, I’ll try chicken and waffles… Or not.


After a long weekend of indulging, I was excited to get back into my healthy eating habits. But, you know, gotta ease yourself back into this sort of thing so I ate my fair share of health food (e.g. apple) and junk food (e.g. M&M’s) for snacks. I wouldn’t want my body to go into shock or anything.

That’s my weekly sampling of eats!

My goals for the month of September are to continue exercising 4 or more days a week even though I won’t have any particular races or events to train the triathlon on September 16. Also, I’m going to focus more on being more productive at home and at work so that I stress less! I don’t stress much, but it definitely comes in waves for me.

What are your September goals?


3 thoughts on “FALL Into Good Habits! ~ What I Ate Wednesday #10

  1. I’m thinking about creating some daily themes to inspire me to post more. I’ve been mulling some options over in my mind… I should probably start writing them down to help me brainstorm and finalize them!

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