What I Ate Wednesday #11

I am on a roll when it comes to posts lately, and I have a couple more in the works. It feels nice to be writing again. It’s a nice break from the daily grind…. It feel like it’s keeping me more balanced. Fall[ing] into good habits, for sure/hopefully!

I’m continuing the trend of posting my meals from throughout the week that I feel are worth sharing. We didn’t do anything too wild and crazy this week because we’ve just been so busy, and we’re also really focusing on making the last week and a half before our triathlon super healthy by eating right and not getting take out. The last thing we need right before the race is tummy troubles! I plan on rewarding myself with some Chinese take away on Sunday after all this triathlon hoopla is over and done.

[I’ll apologize in advance that all my photos have a horrific yellow tint. I used the worst photo filter ever, but by the end I was too lazy to redo them all. I hope you enjoy my jaundice pictures.]

Anyway, enough with meals in the future… let’s talk about meals in the past.


We ran out of english muffins on Monday, so I had to scramble a bit for breakfast this week. I had Honey Nut Cheerios and a banana on Tuesday and it left a little to be desired, so I decided to make myself an omelet for Wednesday’s breakfast. I normally don’t have eggs for breakfast unless it’s the weekend or I’m working from home, but I decided to make an omelet Tuesday night for breakfast the following morning. That meant no getting up early to cook! (I cherish my sleep. Nothing wrong with that.)

I made the omelet with Egg Beaters, green pepper, and some canned whole kernel corn. I love cheese, so I added some shredded pizza cheese we had in the fridge. I normally just use mozzarella cheese, but the blend of mozzarella and cheddar was great. I may be doing that from now on instead.



A couple of nights ago, we made chicken tikka masala using our favorite Indian simmering sauce. I brought what was left over for lunch today and had it over some white rice. We added mushrooms and a yellow pepper to the sauce while it cooked. So yummy. (The crappiness of the yellow filter really shines in this photo, I think.)


(L) Dinner on Thursday night was a salmon burger with some Wholly Guacamole on top. I normally try to stay away from frozen fish, but the World Catch frozen salmon patties from BJ’s are just delish. Rich doesn’t like them that much, which is fine with me. More for me to gorge on.

(R) It’s been awhile since we’ve been out for sushi, so we decided to go out on Sunday for date night at our favorite local sushi joint Fuji. This place has never disappointed us. Everything is always so fresh and yummy. They even gave us an extra piece of salmon sashimi this time. I’ll chalk it up to my charming husband.


(T-L) I’ve tried several brands of Greek yogurt in the past, and I’ve found that the only brand I like is Fage. It’s never watery and has a nice tangy flavor. It look me a little while to get used to the taste of Greek yogurt, but now that’s the only type of yogurt eat. No more Activia for me. I’ve really been digging the fruit + honey combo.

(T-R) We had a charity bake sale at work, so Rich and I picked up a cupcake and mint brownie for a few bucks. We split it, but I ended up only eating half of my brownie half, but I basically smashed the cupcake down my throat so that kind of made up for it.

(B) Last is the Honey Stingers. You’re probably thinking how random those are. No, I don’t just eat these on a whim because they’re friggin’ expensive at almost $2 – 3 a pop, but we did exercise a bunch last week so they ended up being my pre or mid-workout snack of choice. I ate them in the middle of my 20 mile ride and before my 3 mile run. I absolutely love Honey Stingers, and they give you that extra energy you really need when you’re feeling sluggish.

That’s my weekly sampling of eats!

With the first 1.5 weeks of September under our belt, I’m happy to report I worked out 5 days last week! It gives me so much more energy and puts me in the right mood. Why didn’t I work out like this years ago?? Also, everything on the productivity front is going well! I’m getting a lot more done at work and at home, although I do hit lulls where I just can’t concentrate. I’ve been finding eating a nutrition snack helps keep me focused.

What did you eat this week?

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