Friday’s Focus On: “Love Will Find A Way” Wall Art {DIY}

I don’t know if I’m nesting or what, but I’ve gone a little mad with bookmarking DIY projects on Pinterest: crafts, cleaning projects, organization — you name it, I’ve pinned it. I’m not a crafty person at all, but lately I’ve really felt the need to re-decorate our home with some homemade art.

I was inspired by this piece I saw on Pinterest and knew I could do it myself using all my scrapbooking materials that have been sitting in the closet for years. That would also mean I could skip the $110 price tag and complete this project for just a few bucks!

If you know the story of how Rich and I met and the unique circumstances of our long distance relationship, you’d know that this artwork couldn’t be more fitting. I knew right away that I wanted to make some adjustments to the piece: (1) change the states to countries [USA and Australia], (2) add in some color, and 3) add a pattern of some sort.

I went through my scrapbook box and found different options to complete my first DIY project. My writing is relatively neat but not craft-worthy neat, so I thought I could use some stick-on letters I had lying around and work it into the project. I wasn’t sure which lettering would look best, so I picked a couple different ones and decided to make a decision later.

On the pattern and color front, I picked the blue polka dot paper because blue is my favorite color and it looked nice against the beige background. I also found an old frame in our closet that I’ve been wanting to re-purpose for awhile. These little heart cutouts were in my scrapbook box too and thought they’d be a nice little touch since I didn’t have plain red paper to work with, and the work was done on them already.

Next, I used Google Images to find an outline of the USA and Australia to trace onto the blue paper. It’s best to find two that are similar in size, even if it’s not true to proportion, so that there’s an even amount of white space and it doesn’t end up looking weird.

Once I found the right size outline to fit the frame, I cut out the pattern and traced it backwards onto the back of the patterned paper. It’s important to trace backwards on the back of the paper so that it faces the right direction when you cut the maps out.

Note:  You can trace onto the front of the paper, but I’m a little OCD about pencil lines and erasing them so I decided against it.

Sorry this this photo is a little dark, and the lines are hard to see!

Once I cut out the outlines on my blue paper, I laid the design out on my frame before glueing it all together. It’s a good idea to visualize what your project is going to look like before it’s semi-permanent, when it’s harder to make changed. I used some string I had to create the line from Australia to USA and also trimmed the size of the hearts since I thought they were a little too big.

I wasn’t too sure about the lettering because the words looked too small in proportion to the size of the maps and background. Script also isn’t really “my style” either, if I have a style. Lastly, I couldn’t get the string to lay out straight like I wanted to.

There were several things wrong with my original idea, and it was looking a little tacky, but I wasn’t sure exactly how to fix it to make it look less like a second grade art project. I ended up scrapping the string and anniversary date and switching the lettering to make it look how I had imagined it. Here’s the end result:

I think it came out pretty cute for my first DIY craft project for the house! And it only ended up costing me around $5 or less. Not bad if I must say so myself. Now… time to find another DIY project. =)

Are you into crafts?
What DIY projects have you done or are interested in?


6 thoughts on “Friday’s Focus On: “Love Will Find A Way” Wall Art {DIY}

  1. I am soooo… not a DIY-er, nor a scrapbooker, so this is impressive to me. I’ve signed up for an account on Pinterest, but I’m afraid to use it. I know everyone loves it… My fear is that I’ll love it too much and it will be another time-sucker for me! 😉 Nice job!

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