Jamie Cochrane Memorial Road Race {Race Recap}

Early in September, Rich and I ran the Jamie Cochrane Memorial Road Race. This event is held annually every summer in Quincy and is usually a pretty large event, which is no surprise since it’s held in memory of one of Quincy Police Department’s finest, Officer Jamie Cochrane. Officer Cochrane was an eight-year Quincy Police veteran when he was taken too soon while riding his motorcycle. The race is held in Jamie’s memory and all proceeds go to various charities.

MBTA Transit Police rookies showing their respect, running in formation.

The morning of the event was perfect, by my standards: slightly overcast with a high of 70 degrees for the day. That meant it would be in the low to high 60s during our run. Ahh yes, finally a race where I could potentially not be sweating my face off or drenched to the bone with rain! It was a shame that I hadn’t run in a week and was still getting over a cough that had been lingering for weeks. That meant my fellow runners would have to deal with lots of hacking and wheezing (more than usual) along the way. Hope they didn’t mind.

I really loved this race for several reasons:

  • It’s in the city I live, which meant we could wake up at 8:30 for an 10am start time.
  • The course was familiar, flat, and “fast” (by normal runners’ standards but not for me by any means).
  • There were changes in scenery. The route went from residential, to main street, to the beach road. It kept things interesting.
  • The temperature was almost perfect, if it hadn’t been for the humidity.
  • It was another race with fellow blogger Tracey of Stride and Joy fame (even if she did leave me in her dust) and her other half Andrew.

Oh, heyy… You look familiar.

My goal for the race was to run negative splits since I occasionally get caught in the trap of starting off too hard, and this would force me to start nice and easy. Look at me using running terminology. I almost sound like I know what I’m doing. Things were looking good from the get go. My breathing was well-regulated and the first mile and a half seemed to just fly by. Was this going to be the day I ran a sub-30:00 5K?

Long story short… Nope. (I’m getting deja vu.) I didn’t run sub 30:00. I didn’t run negative splits either. I seemed to hit a wall around mile 2, and the last mile seemed to go on forever. Eventually I finished, and I had a lot of fun even if it wasn’t my fastest run. Tracey was waiting for me at the finish line (she rocked it!), and we waited while our husbands finished their respective 10K races. [Did I forget to mention my hubs ran his first 10K? He did it in 51.08; that’s a 8.15/min average pace!]

I also ran into my friend Rachel from high school at this race. She’s training for her first marathon in October. She’s an animal! You just never know who you’re going to run into at these things.

Hi, Rachel!

This race was the perfect way to end a summer racing series. Cooler temps, a flat and “fast” course, and a run with friends. What more could you ask for?

The event: Jamie Cochrane Memorial Road Race
The location: Quincy, MA
The date: September 9, 2012
My time: 32:42 (10.31 pace)
The cause: Various local charities
The swag: Light blue cotton long-sleeve tee (I missed out)
The grub: Burgers, dogs, pasta, twinkies, bananas, oranges


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