How To Tie Your Runners… The Right Way

Did you know that there’s a proper way to tie your running shoes? I had no idea until I saw the video on Cely’s blog Running off the Reese’s. If you’re a runner and have ever suffered from sore toes, black toenails, or missing toenails, you will bow down and praise me for this video. (Obviously only if you didn’t know this before and don’t think I’m a fool for not making this discovery sooner.)

That extra row of holes at the top your runners?  They apparently serve a purpose and aren’t there just for show. Who would have thought? I know I’m not the only one who wondered what they were for… (Humor me for a minute.) If you use them to tie your shoes right, it’ll prevent your feet from sliding forward and causing the dreaded black/missing/sore toenail debacle.


I tied my shoes properly yesterday before my run, and they really did help!

Let’s end the dreaded runner’s toenail epidemic together. Spread the news, everyone!


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