Crossing the Atlantic

In less than five days, Rich and I will be hopping on a plane (or a couple of them) and crossing the Atlantic for our first trip to Europe. This may be a shock to some people, seeing we’ve crossed the Pacific half a dozen times to go to and from Australia, but neither of us has ever been to Europe. Time really flew this summer, so I find it hard to believe we’re leaving already!

People have been asking us where we plan on going, what we want to see, and how long we’ll be away. In short, it’ll be a whirlwind trip since we’re packing in a lot in two weeks, but it’s definitely the way to do it while we’re young and can deal with being sleep deprived. Besides, isn’t that what time on the train is for — to catch up on your Zzz’s?

Here’s where the world is taking us this year:

We’re staying in a mix of hotels and hostels during our trip and plan to do a lot of walking (and some running ) over the course of our trip. My goal is to do at least one run in each city since there are parks or a major river near we’re staying in each city. We have a lot we plan to see and a lot of food we plan to eat, so running will be a good way to see some things in passing and also burn off some of the calories we plan on eating. =)

I’m also excited to meet up with my friend Dash while in London! She blogs over at Diary of a Dashing Fashionista, so if you haven’t checked out her blog yet, do it now!

Speaking of blogs, I have a couple of guest bloggers who I’ve asked to keep you all entertained while I’m away! I know you’ll like what they’ve written and the topics they’ve chosen to discuss.

All we need to do between now and Saturday morning is get through a few more days of work, pack, and buy a few small things for our packs. We’re really excited to get a few more stamps in our passports and embark on another adventure together!


7 thoughts on “Crossing the Atlantic

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    • I already have the travel bug, but seeing how we have to go back to Australia every year or two, this has kind of been put on the back burner.. till now. =)

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