What I Ate Wednesday #16 [Snack Attack!]

This week was full of randomness in the food department. I didn’t take too many photos of my meals and mostly just snapped some snacks. I was sooo snacky this week! I chalk it up to running 5 miles per run now rather than 3 miles. I’m always a crazy food monster the next day! I just want to eat everything in sight.

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Today’s WIAW post will just be a quickie… lots to do at work and at home before we leave for Europe on Saturday morning! Can’t believe it’ll be here soon. Eeeeeeeeeeek!

Let’s get started, shall we?

[ Sorry that my blurb won’t match up with the photos. I forgot to put them in chronological order and it’s a little too late now! =) ]

(1)  We were visiting some friends in Rhode Island on Sunday and while the men played with the baby, we made apple oatmeal cookies (minus the frosting)! So yummy; it was hard to eat just one… or two… or three….

(2)  Last night’s “snack” of ground turkey nachos spiced with homemade taco seasoning turned into dinner.  It was quick and easy and I didn’t feel like cooking anything else, so Rich and I demolished an entire casserole dish of it!

(3)  I received my October Love With Food box this week and knew that the first thing I’d eat was the Snikiddy baked fries. It reminded me of Andy Capp’s fries that my parents hardly ever let me eat when I was little, except wayyyy better. Remember those things?

(4)  For a snack today I had baby carrots with Panera’s BBQ ranch dressing. I’m obsessed with Panera’s salad dressings, so when I had a tiny container of it left from lunch over the weekend, I kept it in the fridge for a snack for later. Rich may have questioned what I planned on using it for, but that wouldn’t have been the first time he questioned what I was using leftover food products for. There’s a method to my madness!

(5)  Also this week for snacks at work, I’ve been bringing dark chocolate-covered goji raspberries which Rich brought home from his last trip to BJ’s. I love that man, but his chocolate obsession kills me sometimes. But, I know he’s just trying to  add a little extra sweetness to my day, so I try not to complain too much. 😉

That’s my weekly sampling of eats!

What’s your favorite snack? Have you tried anything new lately?


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