Tonto Tuesday

Every morning, it’s a challenge getting Tonto up to get him ready for daycare. I guess this would be comparable to getting a 12-year-old ready for school in the morning? Anyway, I’ve had to get creative with my methods to prevent Tonto from getting back into bed and going back to sleep. I thought that wedging his bed between the wall and chair would work. I guess I thought wrong……

11 thoughts on “Tonto Tuesday

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    • You’re not a bad dog mom. Tonto goes to daycare because we work 8 hours + 3 hours commuting, so he’d be home alone for too long. Last time he was alone for 10 hrs destroyed almost everything in the house (including the couch).

      • That makes total sense! I hope you gets nap-time there… And if you are too pooped after work, you probably don’t have to worry about getting him for a walk or make sure he gets exercise. I’m sure they take care of that at Day Care!

      • Yes, he plays all day and naps when he gets tired. He’s exhausted when he gets home, so I’m not as diligent about his walks as I need to be — both a bad and a good thing I suppose.

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