Budgeting Challenge: Meal Planning #4

This week I learned a few things: your grocery spend can grow exponentially when your significant other is actually home to enjoy your cooking, load up on meat when it’s on sale at the shops, and I really miss my Mariah Carey Christmas album.


I really need to go dig that CD out of the closet and play it on repeat for awhile.

Anyway, back to food. We spent about $48 this week on groceries, not quite meeting my goal of $35 or under. After looking at the numbers over the last few weeks, we decided that when Rich is home and I need to cook for two, we’ll try to stick to a $50 weekly shopping budget rather than $35. Since I was averaging about $20 – $25 on just myself for the week, I think $50 is definitely doable for two. It also allows for a few extras at the store (like wine) without feeling guilty about it. The $48 also included some supplies for a pot luck lunch, so I feel pretty good about being able to meet our new budget!

Here’s our load for the week:

  • Goods lasting 1 month or more, average cost ~$9 week
    • 2 tubs of Friendly’s ice cream:  $5  [don’t judge!]
    • Box of currants:  $3.29
    • Light brown sugar:  $1.79
    • Butter:  $3.59
    • Bread flour:  $2.99
    • Olive oil:  $7.49
    • Egg Beaters:  $4.59
    • Coffee creamer:  $1.24  [used a $0.75 off coupon]
    • Pancake mix:  $2.50
    • Onions: $2.69
  • Goods lasting two weeks, average cost ~$9 a week
    • Goat cheese:  $4.99
    • Mozzarella cheese:  $2.49
    • Chicken thighs & drumsticks:  $3.96  [4 lbs worth!]
    • 2 bags of baked fries snacks:  $4.00
    • Chocolate whippet cookies:  $2.50
  • Goods lasting one week, average cost ~$30 a week
    • Ham deli meat:  $2.64
    • Pillsbury biscuits:  $2.29  [for potluck lunch]
    • Turkey pepperoni:  $$3.69   [for potluck lunch]
    • Milk:  $3.69
    • Bottle o’ Chianti:  $10.99
    • Bananas:  $1.85
    • Cauliflower:  $2.99
    • Mushrooms:  $1.99

I did mention last week that we were running low on ice cream and would need to buy some this week. Let’s hope that those two tubs last us at least a month….

Here’s what I plan on cooking for the week with our load and stuff already on hand:

  • Breakfasts
    • Omelet with cheddar & mozzarella cheese
    • Turkey bacon
    • Toast with PB
    • Choc chip pancakes
  • Lunches
    • Lemon pepper chicken with quinoa
    • Pepperoni pizza poppers (for a pot luck)
    • Spinach salad with all the fixings + ham deli meat
    • Ham, cheese, & spinach on homemade wheat bread
    • Soup
  • Dinners
    • BBQ meatloaf muffins + asparagus and mushroom
    • Pepperoni & mushroom pizza with cauliflower crust
    • Sweet Thai chili chicken with quinoa and asparagus
  • Snacks
    • Clementines
    • Bananas
    • Greek yogurt
    • Carrots and hummus
    • Mixed nuts
    • Baked fries

I think the menu plan this week is especially good. The BBQ meatloaf “muffins” I make came out so delicious, so stay tuned for that recipe on the blog soon… with photos! Only 7 days till Christmas!

What new recipes do you plan on trying this holiday season?


2 thoughts on “Budgeting Challenge: Meal Planning #4

  1. Tiffany,
    I tried, I swear I tried, but failed miserably, couldn’t do my groceries in a budget, I ended using my debit card. I’m sure that if I had left the card at home and only used to the money I had planned to use it would have been ok.
    I’ll try next month.

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